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Automation Experts Behind PushAMZ Share Their Greatest Accomplishments

Changing consumer behavior has led to increased online shopping, making eCommerce a necessity for retailers. Many people have also realized the potential of eCommerce and are jumping on the bandwagon. Joined together by one goal, the team at PushAMZ has identified an opportunity in the marketplace.

However, PushAMZ quickly realized how hectic it is to manage an online store manually. There’s a lot of work involved, from marketing to shipping to follow-ups, and one can easily make an error. The realization inspired them to turn to automation. Now, automation experts PushAMZ create passive income for Amazon sellers and investors as a full-service store management company.  One factor that has made the company stand out and even become an industry leader in such a competitive space is their previous experiences.

Before establishing PushAMZ, each member was working in a different sector, equipping them with a range of skills. Mac Ismail, one of the founders, was an entrepreneur working with government agencies, procurement, and international logistics. He has worked on infrastructure development and contract management for some large global corporations in the UK, Africa, Australia, and the United States.

Mac’s partner and co-founder, Luis Millan, is a seasoned COO in the tech space, having been featured in various publications such as Forbes and International Times. 

PushAMZ’s Chief Revenue Officer and Marketing officer Jonathan Maxim is the CEO of the Heypal app, an app allowing users from around the world to learn a new language through interactive chats and posts. Jonathan is also a growth hacker/marketing strategist for TikTok, Monster Energy, and Universal Music Group. He is a member of Forbes Council, board of advisors UC Santa Barbara, and podcast host of Zen Business.

Others in the PushAMZ’s team are three-time world record holder female pole spear, Stephanie Schuldt, and entrepreneur Chase Alley. They are both brand ambassadors and influencers.

According to the team, their diversity makes them strong and enables them to work better with their clients. Their experiences in various industries have enabled PushAMZ to choose winning products that will build sales volume and scale up stores. Additionally, they can focus more on customer satisfaction by prioritizing communication, integrity, and accountability.

PushAMZ’s main focus is on pushing the seller with the intent of enabling them to generate passive income.  Understanding that not all will be able to launch and successfully run an online venture, their team sets it up, becomes the store manager, gets all legal documents, and grows the business for the client. They now have more than 100 employees and generate passive income for 120 investors on Amazon.

PushAMZ’s advice to you is to work smart, stay dedicated, and learn to leverage what you have. There’s no hacking success, as it’s a long-term journey. Looking at the current trends, it’s clear that tech and a strong online presence will be essential to succeed in any venture. To have an upper hand, one should start investing as early as now. Innovation must come from within, says Luis. When you know what you want and where you want to be, competition never matters to you. Your focus is more on what you can do better and cement your spot.