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Author J.K. Dickinson On Process, Family, & The Art Of Intuition

Many people may colloquially say; trust your gut. For celebrated author J.K. Dickinson, there is much more to this statement than meets the eye. A book 25 years in the making, The Invisible Anatomy: Discovering The Intuition of the Human Body is a collation of her tireless studies into the real-world connection between events, perception, and intuition.

She took the time to sit down and answer a few burning questions we had about the root of intuitive thinking, her expansive career path, and the process of writing a book while juggling a bustling fruitful family life. She also gives a few words of advice for those readers who wish to begin the first step on the journey to listening to their gut a little more intuitively.

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, why don’t we start by you telling us a little bit about yourself?

Big Question!  I’m living a life filled with adventures, ups and downs, fulfilling my dreams, and enjoy being a mother and recently, a grandmother.

People refer to you as an individual with a remarkable gift. Can you explain what that means to you? 

Without seeing the tangible, or having the facts, as most people rely on, the strength of my intuition allows me to access information quickly and accurately without error.

For instance, I have spent many of the past two decades in medicine. If a physician contacts me for a second opinion, I will identify any physical challenges within seconds without meeting the patient. This information can be anything from an unseen undiagnosed cancer, blood disorders, muscle trauma, etc.

For that reason, it’s ‘remarkable’ to some—another day at the office for me.

Was there an aspect or specific characteristic about the concept of intuition that drew you in initially?

My mother, an accomplished intuitive professional, inspired me to develop my ability to see, feel, and hear outside the ordinary intelligence concept. I learned early on that your feelings and internal knowing matter create a solid foundation. I have felt that expressing myself with what I know internally, rather than repeating data, served my type of human spirit.

You’ve used your intuition over the past thirty years in many aspects of your life, including your vast global career.  In your opinion, what is the challenge that separates individuals from using their sensory system? 

Most people learn to overburden their brains with data from an early age. This ongoing practice complicates their ability to listen to their intuition and the sensations from their unique sensory system. Data is in direct conflict with intuitive intelligence. Later in life, this conflict can stand in the way of listening to and connecting to your intuitive power and wisdom.

What would you say is the optimal first step for someone looking to explore their intuition, or even begin listening to their gut?

Disconnect their brain. Go outside in nature. Feel the ongoing signals and sensations running throughout your body with an open mind and heart. Repeat daily until it becomes a part of your daily awareness.

Remember, the most creative people in the world did not use their brains to ignite inspiration. They feel, see, hear, and do it, regardless of criticism, skepticism, and the road map to achieve their desired creative genius. They do it! Brains on pause.

What has been the proudest moment in your spanning career?

The day my daughter was born, and after that, my son’s birth. During those years, I had the opportunity to review Nobel Prize-winning research for errors before submittal to one of the largest crop-growing organizations in the world. It was an honor to advise on a substantial global project.

Could you walk us through your writing process? Particularly in relation to the conception and execution of The Invisible Anatomy?

I wanted to share the findings of twenty-five years of work. Year after year, I was fascinated by exploring the energy flow that creates blockages, circuit breakoffs, restrictions, illness, disease, and loss. Explaining how energy flows through the body with or without knowledge could help those seeking reasons for ongoing health and wellness challenges.

Listen, type. Listen, type. The Invisible Anatomy finished in three weeks.

Do you have a mindset, mantra, or frame of thinking that you keep in the forefront?

Keep going! Listen to your heart! Turn off your brain when you need answers. Enjoy those you love as often as possible. Stay in the moment, every day. No one has a better answer to your question or decision, than you.

Where do you see intuition and intuitive thinking evolving towards? Is there an optimal goal you have set for the concept in society?

The evolution of intuition is gaining substantial ground. Intuition is not data, is not unconscious information, or magic. The more developed a person becomes, which includes understanding energy and the power of what they see, feel and hear, the quicker the human species will evolve.

Many non-data-driven countries and communities rely on their senses as a staple in their lives.

The quicker Leadership Executives, Institutions, and Organizations express more and more knowledge-based credibility of intuition and intuitive intelligence, the faster the ‘buzz’ will grow. Forbes, Harvard, and Mr. Jobs are the latest to expand on the importance of ‘listening’ to yourself, listening to your’ gut.’ Using the word ‘Intuition.’

Yes, in my lifetime, I would like to leave a footprint to include my understanding of the human spirit, living in the human body, on a beautiful, exciting life journey. Don’t waste precious energy, don’t waste precious time.

What’s next for you? Any new projects on the horizon?

The release of my three-part book series, The Energy of the Human Spirit, September 2022.

A new live book tour Winter 2022-Spring 2023.

Continue to enjoy the energy I create every day with intention. I don’t want to miss out on anything my heart desires in this lifetime.

Thank you J.K. for your time!
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