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Australian researcher Bashar Ibrahim has the exceptional biography

Bashar Ibrahim is an academic researcher, whose worked across a variety of different scholarly disciplines. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney, which is Australia’s oldest public university and remains one of their most well-known educational facilities.  Indeed, Bashar Ibrahim first started his academic career in the area of mental health and mindfulness in the workplace. A relatively new area of interest for human resource managers, Bashar’s research indicates that mindfulness can be an effective form of stress relief in the workplace.

According to recent literature from the NSW Government, anxiety and stress remain some of the most common factors in worker compensation claims, meaning many workplace accidents generally come down to stress and anxiety, as opposed to negligence or poor performance. Consequently, Bashar’s research indicates that employees with stronger mental health indicators are, on average, more productive and effective in the workplace.

Bashar Ibrahim has since moved on to other areas within the realm of human resource management. For the last few years, Bashar Ibrahim has been researching the nature of both cultural and gender-based diversity and how the degree of diversity influences a workplace environment. After coordinating a variety of studies, Bashar Ibrahim was able to publish a series of findings. Indeed, his research found that in some sectors, diversity was positively correlated with enhanced corporate culture and workplace satisfaction.

His research also indicates that increasing levels of gender and cultural diversity promote enhanced operational performance, creativity and innovation. These results can be attributed to the fact that enhanced diversity can reduce the occurrence of ethnocentric business practices, which often obfuscate perspectives from less vocal individuals. By creating an environment of transparency and honesty, workers who might usually feel less confident in speaking up will now have a greater opportunity to do so, thereby enhancing the business’ collective field of knowledge.

Bashar Ibrahim
Bashar Ibrahim

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