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Interview with Austin Rotter – How to Get People to Take Action Through YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are an excellent way to reach out to potential consumers and persuade them to act. Here are five pointers from Austin Rotter on how to get the most out of them.

Video advertising is a promotional tactic that allows you to get your message across in a faster and more efficient way. It includes all types of internet advertising, from live-action and animation to images and text.

According to Wyzowl, advertising through videos give marketers up to 89% Return On Investment (ROI). Additionally, while television advertisements require a lot of red tape and money, today, there are various “free to use” video streaming platforms to serve the same goal but with potentially higher returns.

Take YouTube as an example. It has turned into such a huge video search engine that even people who are not familiar with the internet utilize it. A testament to that is YouTube records over a billion hours of watch time every day — that’s more than any other streaming platform. Besides this, YouTube receives over 30 million daily visitors, making it an excellent source of video advertising.

The ROI of your ads, however, depends on the strategies you adopt and how you implement them. To help you get people to take action through your YouTube ads, here are some of the most effective strategies from Austin Rotter. He is a media strategy professional who helps people skip the queue and reach their full potential through storytelling and personal branding.

5 top effective strategies from Austin Rotter:

1. Ensure that the length of your video is optimal

Videos that are 30 seconds long are great at retaining your audiences’ attention and getting them to act. You can include as much information as you need either through animations, changing texts, or even having someone appear in the video. Scroll-stopping animations with a compelling story can resonate with the viewers and raise their curiosity in getting to know more about what you present.

2. The story is more important than the quality

Most of the time, people tend to confuse themselves by worrying too much about the equipment and the resources they need to create a good video. The catch, however, is that although high-budget videos can make you stand out among others, they cannot do wonders and make up for boring or repelling content.

3. Make the most of the first few seconds

The first few seconds can make or break the campaign for you. To avoid your potential customers skipping the ad, make sure you get their attention right away before the ad hits the 5-second mark. Begin your ad with a statement that will spark the interest of your target audience. Starting with addressing a common issue, posting a question, or sharing a unique quality of the brand you’re representing is usually the way to go.

4. Emphasize what makes your brand stand out

Why should your audience choose you? Provide an answer to this question by emphasizing what you do best and why you are so good at it. Take the time here to share any testimonials or ratings you have received in the past. The more benefits you highlight, the more effective and trustworthy your ad will appear.

5. Encourage viewers to take action

Delivering the message is not the final step in the process. Rather, that is used to lure the viewers and keep them glued to the screen for the main step forward you want them to take. You can set up a Call To Action (CTA) button on your YouTube ad that displays it right beneath the video.

The CTA could be a button leading to your product page or your website where you can have more detailed information about the service you’re offering along with the pricing. Make sure you briefly indicate your CTA at the end, so the audience knows where to go next.

Parting Words

Now that you are much aware of getting your viewers to take action through YouTube Ads, Austin Rotter has put his findings into a more simplified and generalized way for you.

  • Make sure your video addresses a problem and how you’ll solve it
  • Announce why you are the best at what you do
  • Find ways to present your case more creatively

These tips will surely help you as you go along creating YouTube advertisements for your business. Once you grasp all these techniques, you’ll certainly find video marketing an effective strategy.