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Atlantic City Fame DJ Rockstar Is Back With New Tracks And More Concerts

Atlantic City-fame DJ Rockstar is all set to drop new tracks and hold more concerts after the pandemic. Here is what you should know about the veteran DJ and success story from Philly.

Like all artists of note, DJ Rockstar has a rocky start too. He was born in Philadelphia to a loving family with limited means. For most of his early childhood, he grew up in a housing project called Hill Creek Projects. During his adolescence, his family moved to their first home at Howland Street. According to him, these were the happiest years of his early life. However, nothing remains the same forever. He lost both his parents before he turned 20, and his two brothers some years later. But rather than getting dejected from this loss, he took these as valuable lessons in life and priorities. A lot of it could be witnessed in his artistic style as well.

One of the most valuable traits for DJ Rockstar is loyalty. He admits that he wouldn’t be where he is today, if not for people who helped him along the way. He remembers the friends who initially encouraged him to make a career in DJing, back when he was doing karaoke parties as a hobby. Perhaps the greatest influence has been DJ Jason E, the veteran DJ who took DJ Rockstar under his wing when the latter was only beginning out. It was under Jason E that the young artist learned the ropes of the trade. Even today, decades into the industry, DJ Rockstar still considers Jason E as his mentor and inspiration.

It would be a crime to write about DJ Rockstar and not mention Atlantic City – the place he calls his second home. For the young DJ, Atlantic City was where he found his first taste of success. Today, many years later, he continues to be a highlight in America’s Playground, as the city is often called. DJ Rockstar is a resident DJ in the city and often serves as the main attraction of various events. He has to frequently fly between Philly and A.C., but the music artist doesn’t mind.

DJ Rockstar has a long and impressive career behind him. Over the years, he has shared booths with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Tiesto, DJ Snake, Justina Valentine, DJ Skribble, and Zack Martino are just a few of those names. For DJ Rockstar, each of these collaborations was special and taught him something new about the art. DJ Rockstar is also a member of Senate DJs, a group of elite DJs across America – the best of the best. As a member of Senate DJs, DJ Rockstar has performed in other countries as well. One of the lesser-known facts about DJ Rockstar was his stint as a radio mixing artist in his early career. Even after becoming an established DJ, he continued this connection with radio whenever he could. It is no wonder that he was included in the Radio City Hall Of Fame in New York City.

DJ Rockstar

It is fascinating to note how similar and different a DJ views music, as opposed to a singer/musician. For DJ Rockstar, creating the sickest beat and the catchiest melodies was always a priority. Like all musicians, he enjoys experimenting and witnessing what new he could create. But the job of a DJ is not just about creating music, but also holding a crowd. As a resident DJ of Atlantic City’s most prestigious casinos, DJ Rockstar learned this art over the years. A good DJ can turn a boring party into a memorable event. The talent to do this is perhaps what made DJ Rockstar the successful artist he is today.

Since last years, when all parties were canceled and a pandemic raged outside, DJ Rockstar had devoted his time to creating new music. Now, as the situation improves, he is all set to drop the tracks. For this latest venture, he put together the famous trio – Rockell and Joe Zangie. The trio has dropped some hot tracks in the past, including “Can’t we try” and “In a dream”. The DJ is also set to hold more concerts for his fans, now that the pandemic has largely ended in the US.

The summer might just get hotter, with DJ Rockstar back in his game. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.