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Athena Severi: Women Belong in Business Class and the Corner Office

Athena Severi has built her career on empowering women and entrepreneurs, so she recognizes the slight when someone treats her dismissively. Ironically, she found herself being put down after attending a huge celebration of the expansion of her company, Titan Network.

Severi was in England to launch the London portion of her global meetup network for Amazon sellers. She treated herself to a business-class ticket home, and when she took her seat in business class, a British Airways employee questioned whether she was in the right spot. When she replied that she was, he said, “Oh, you must be one of the employees.”

She used her Instagram account to set the record straight. “Just because I am not a middle-aged man with a gut and a suit on doesn’t make me any less of a boss!” she wrote in a post accompanied by a photo of her in her airplane seat.

“I felt like because I wasn’t the typical stereotype of a ‘boss’, I was pre-judged incorrectly,” she said. “And so many of the comments on that post made me think about how many other women felt the same way that I did.”

Success for Sellers

Severi started the Titan Network with co-founder Dan Ashburn to help Amazon sellers increase their success.

Titan Network is an exclusive membership organization for elite Amazon sellers. By learning from other e-commerce professionals and building a network, sellers can scale up faster than they could without the assistance of an established network. As a result, Titan members often achieve seven-figure success.

Benefits of Titan membership include one-on-one coaching, a support network where they can engage with fellow Titan members, monthly masterclasses, mentorship, an accountability group, and access to many meetings and masterminds. Titan can also help with sourcing products.

Severi has a deep understanding of how to succeed as an Amazon seller. She is also the founder of China Magic, the top sourcing trip to help Amazon sellers to grow their business quickly. China Magic has taken more than 500 e-commerce sellers on buying trips, but Severi found that sellers wanted continual support and networking after the 12-day trip ended.

Titan Network creates a network where participants can meet virtually and face to face to learn from their like-minded peers. When sellers interact with other sellers, they can get tips on avoiding common problems, learn about proven resources, and discover methods that work.

“At Titan, we talk a lot about building a life with intention and about making the day-to-day choices to build whatever kind of world we want,” she added. “That includes building opportunities for advancement at every level.”

The launch party in London, attended by Amazon sellers of all levels, was inspirational for Severi, “People weren’t just networking. They were making friends and encouraging each other, and toasting to the success of one another. It was so inspiring to see, especially since we had such a diverse group of people all in one room together. Just more proof that anyone can find success in this business.”

Empowering Women

While Titan Network and China Magic are for Amazon sellers of all genders, Severi understands the need to empower other women.

After all, she pointed out, the Women CEOs in America Report released in early 2021 found that only 8% of CEOs at public and private companies in the United States are women – and that’s a record high. Considering how many working women there are in the U.S., the survey is a stark reminder of how few women have made it to the top of the corporate ladder.

It shouldn’t be so difficult for women to have a successful career, Severi said. Gender shouldn’t be a factor at all – no one should face criticism or other comments about their gender.

“Sometimes women feel guilty for not having a high-powered career or for not being in the kitchen,” she said. “I want to help them find the confidence to do both.”

“I want to inspire the women who look up to me, and I want to remind my sons not to judge anyone for their looks,” she added. “While I’m reminding myself and my fellow women of our power, it’s also important to raise the next generation of men to know that women belong in business class, and everywhere else too.”

Severi has spent more than five years building China Magic and the Titan Network, and it has taken a passion and a desire to help others succeed, she said. “Titan’s push to empower others to build a life of intention has become a real movement that produces incredible results. I’m proud to put my name on this company and our work.”

About Athena Severi

Athena Severi is the co-founder of The Titan Network, a membership organization that helps elite Amazon sellers scale their business to greater success. For information about the Titan Network, visit: