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Assaf Ben Shimol: The Visionary Behind Sweet Lyfe, a Global Cannabis Brand

Over the decades, marijuana has been prohibited in most countries. As a result, not many researchers endeavored to find the positive effects of marijuana until very recently, when some states legalized its use. Since its legalization, many scientists have conducted significant research on the medicinal use of cannabis products, and the demand for cannabis products has risen drastically. Today, many people use cannabis products to treat medical conditions such as epilepsy and relieve chronic pain. 

As a result of increased use, many entrepreneurs have ventured into the business to fill the market niche. However, only some in the industry seek to offer quality products that have been tested and can be trusted. Sweet Lyfe is an excellent example of an outstanding company that provides the best cannabis products for anyone needing cannabis for their health and well-being. 

Assaf Ben Shimol is the founder and CEO of Sweet Lyfe, a global industry leader in cannabis products. His mission is to provide high-quality and consistent products at reasonable prices. Assaf identified a niche in the cannabis industry as he believes this field is still new and undeveloped. He says his genuine love for any cannabis product, coupled with his manufacturing background, help him offer nothing but the best for his customers.

Formerly, Assaf was an Israeli soldier who dedicated his life to serving his nation. His time in the service guided him on how to handle dangerous, real-life situations, a fact he appreciates. However, when Assaf was in the military, he experienced traumatic events that were difficult to handle. When he left, cannabis helped him ease his transition back to the real world. At this point, he realized the immense benefits of cannabis and decided he had to be in this industry.

An industry expert, Assaf leveraged his manufacturing background to create the highest-quality brand. He says learning from the mistakes of others prompted him to make the best products with long-lasting results.

Sweet Lyfe offers more than your average cannabis brand. Their brand offers a wide range of flavors and strains. Additionally, their products come in different strengths and are made with various hemp products derived from cannabis compounds. Some of these products include HHC-p, THC-P, and Delta 8.

Sweet Lyfe conducts a potency test for every final product they produce to ensure quality. Because the cannabis industry is not regulated, it is difficult to find a brand that ensures that consumer safety comes first. But Sweet Lyfe has made their consumer’s safety a priority through quality enhancement.

There is no doubt that Sweet Lyfe is a cannabis brand set to make a difference in the industry. Assaf says his ultimate goal is to create a global brand and become an industry leader by setting up manufacturing and distribution plants in different strategic locations worldwide. He also feels so many people are unaware of the health benefits of cannabis and wants to conduct large marketing campaigns to increase awareness and help grow their online community.