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Cao Son Nguyen

Asian Pianist Cao Son Nguyen is a Rising Star to Watch

Vietnamese musician Cao Son Nguyen has been making an impact in the music world with his impressive classical piano skills. He began playing piano at the age of 14 and quickly developed an aptitude for the instrument. In 2018 he began a YouTube channel and that has contributed to his fast growing success. He has developed his skills to solidify his place as a captivating performer and a true master of classical piano.

1 2 3 Em Yêu Anh (1 2 3 我爱你) - Short Piano Cover by Cao Son Nguyen

Since his childhood, Cao Son Nguyen has had a passion for music. He began learning the guitar but eventually realized that he was better suited to the piano. His skills quickly flourished and it was not long before Cao Son Nguyen decided to become a piano teacher. In 2017, he began sharing his gifts with others, teaching many kids to become proficient piano players. In 2018, however, he stopped teaching to focus on his university work and decided to take his skills to the platform of YouTube.

YouTube has become the number one place to go to find budding superstars and Cao Son Nguyen is among these talented individuals. His channel rose to fame as he began posting piano covers of Vietnamese and English songs.

Tớ Thích Cậu Nhường Nào (Giang Thần OST) | 我多喜欢你你会知道 | Piano Cover by Cao Son Nguyen

At only 20 years old, his internet presence helped him to be recognized as one of the most talented piano players and a rising star to watch.

As a YouTube content creator, Cao Son Nguyen is able to enjoy sharing his talents with the entire world. He has been awarded the prestigious silver play button by YouTube for the following that he has gained. Alongside his career in YouTube he works as a freelancer in digital marketing, using these skills to further boost his career.

Cao Son Nguyen - pianist

Cao Son Nguyen’s songs can also be found on platforms such as Sound Cloud and Spotify and have gained immense popularity there too. As a versatile musician, he is able to add his own flair to well-loved piano pieces and works very hard to continue to improve his skills as a pianist. This combination of natural talent and hard work is the key reason that Cao Son Nguyen continues to find success in the music world. His achievements only continue to be recognized and he is truly a rising star to watch.


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