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Asahn Guyton is Breaking Barriers Amongst Millenials Through His Entrepreneurial Successes

Entrepreneurs like Asahn Guyton have played a fundamental role in breaking barriers in our modern age. As a global community, we indeed have been healing rapidly from the façade of age limitations as regards business and success. Existence in itself is progressive, and indeed, this generation has enjoyed the meat of it all, as we were born at the dawn of Information and Technology at its most sustainable pace yet known.

Even in the face of all the negative stereotypes as regards this new generation of leaders, I must say that we have successfully risen to a clear height of achievements in business and invention. I wouldn’t want to bother much on the cause of the narcissistic and egocentric nature of this generation. Still, I will mention a few that the older generations have pointed out to be the backbreaker to our generation’s admirable stance.

The emergence of social media has built people who are egocentric, narcissistic, depressed, impatient, sociopathic, and the likes. As Simon Sinek (a British born American author and motivational speaker) pointed out in an interview on Inside Quest, millennials and their other counterparts, such as the baby boomers and the generation x, have obtained their characteristics through lousy parenting, impatience, environmental factors and addiction to technology. There is, however, some truth in this theory, but we cannot help but notice the beaming positive effects of these factors.

The informative and social exposure that is autonomous to Millennials have placed us at the helm of affairs as regards wealth creation and its multiplication. Entrepreneurial success is directly relative to millennials and their close generational counterparts.  Millennials are undisputedly the most purpose-driven generation compared to former generations before them, and we can boldly say that these same ugly characteristics that I outlined above have been the primary cause of their wild take over. As the Paw Research Center has speculated – “Millennials have become more detached from major institutions such as political parties, religion, the military, and marriage.” They have taken the less threaded path in the past towards driving their passions, all of which result from their questionable character, disregard for formalities, and lack of moderation, which was incurred on them by negative factors. There hasn’t been a generation so aware of their options, thanks to the internet. These undeniable factors bring me to take a few notable examples who have used the information and technology addiction to navigate the world and discover new platforms to build a secure entrepreneurial fortress.

In the past, we have all seen the recent surge of the younger generation beaming as spotlights in the entrepreneurial scene. Kylie Jenner recently became a billionaire just by carving a niche for herself and building a brand from the preferences of her fans. Another notable example, Asahn Guyton, however, has dramatically wielded remarkable wealth from his exposure to the outer parts of the world and its opportunities through the internet as a medium. Guyton, (CEO South Park Management LLC), has successfully built several real estate investments in the USA and has broken into the West African Real estate market, breeding an organization that develops, buys and rents out real estate properties all over West Africa. It is, however, interesting to note the global implication of the factors that affect the millennial character, as we see from the exploits of the Real Estate Entrepreneur Asahn Guyton, who has multiplied his wealth beyond the confines of continental demarcations.

These findings simply bring me to conclude that Millennials – Today’s Moguls,  have begun a new cycle, challenging the status quo and improving the economy of the world by breaking political, racial, and religious barriers due to their detachment from the former regulative notions. The different inspiring scenarios noted fuel my imaginations for what the future holds as the previous limitations have been broken, we’re indeed in for surprises with these new brands of people.