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Mike Chelsen

Artist in Focus: Mike Chelsen

Imagine what were you doing when you were 16 years old? Relationship troubles, exam stress, soccer team tryouts and trying to become ‘cool’. At the same age, Mike Chelsen defines ‘cool’. The rising teen sensation has turned many heads and amassed a large number of social media followers in a span of a few months. Let’s take a look at Mike Chelsen’s profile.

Personal Life

The 16-year old teen is half-Spanish, half-Italian, full artist. As a young boy, Chelsen was often at the receiving end of bullying in school. Things got so bad that at one point, he even contemplated suicide. He struggled with depression for years. Few things helped him cope up with the situation. One was his teacher at school, Mr. Chelsen. He guided him and made him feel that he wasn’t alone. His stage name “Mike Chelsen” pays homage to his teacher. Music was another tool that helped him combat depression. It was music that gave him the courage to finally stand up for himself and be what he is.

Mike admits that he doesn’t have a very close relationship with his parents. He remembers being unable to confide his depression with his parents when he was young. Yet, his parents have always been supportive of his dreams. He recalls his mother telling him when he was 12 that he will definitely be a star. Chelsen also confesses that it wouldn’t have been easy for his parents to see his half-naked pictures on social media, but they have continued supporting his dream to become a singer.

As far as his romantic life is concerned, Chelsen is much more close-mouthed. He has openly come out as bisexual. Yet, he rarely (if ever) talks about dating. According to him, love is one of the few things he has left private in his life and he would prefer to keep it that way.

Musical Journey

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Mike Chelsen have loved music long before he chose it as a career path. As a kid, he used to take part in music competitions, even those held in other countries. It was only this year that he decided to convert his hobby into a career. In June, Chelsen released his first single, ‘Star Light’. The sombre song has some excellent lyrics and Chelsen’s calm voice to match the mood. The song has been streaming on Spotify.

Seeing how well-received his maiden attempt was, Chelsen is determined about making more music. However, he is in no hurry to do so. He wants to devote his full attention to the project, which he hopes to drop by the end of this year. As opposed to this first single, the next one could be a hip-hop/electro style song.

Musical Inspirations

Like any other singer, Mike Chelsen have had many inspirations in the field. Perhaps the most prominent would be Lady Gaga. Chelsen recalls listening to Gaga in his darkest day, and it gave him hope to stay strong. He has expressed his admiration for her many times, and her fans (‘the little monsters’) have shown their support for him.

His other inspirations were Elton John, Michael Jackson and David Bowie. All of them are legendary singers, but Chelsen looks up to them for another reason. Each one of them was a trendsetter. They created their own style which re-defined music for generations. And each one of them had an outrageous sense of style, which only contributed further to their legend. Chelsen hopes to one day stand among those names.

About fanbase

Apart from music and fashion, the thing that Chelsen feels very deeply about is his fanbase. His fanbase, who call themselves ‘supernovas’, have been supportive of Chelsen at every stage. Thus, the singer too feels emotionally attached to his fans. His biggest fear, he says, is disappointing his fans someday.


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Philosophy in Life

Chelsen’s earlier struggles about getting accepted have allowed him to have a deep understanding of inclusiveness. He hopes to have a world where everyone can be accepted for exactly who they are. Concepts like homophobia, racism and discrimination seem very outdated to him in 2020. Through his music, he wants to create a space where everyone can be comfortable with us, without worrying about what others would think.