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Artist and Entrepreneur John Barrett Shows You that Your Aspirations Are Achievable.

Leaving the comfort of a thriving business to start another venture, much less in a
different industry, can be stressful. To succeed, you need to multitask; learn about this
new market terrain, and be up to speed with other businesses. The accompanying
stress is why many entrepreneurs shy away from building more than one business.
Nevertheless, this has not deterred John Barrett from building his empire. On the
contrary, John is a serial entrepreneur showing others that achieving all you set to do
without any exclusion is possible.

While it is not an easy feat, it is doable, says John Barrett. He hopes to help others start
and grow more than one venture by sharing his story and the lessons learned.
John Barrett runs a construction business, while he's also an artist. John is a
singer/songwriter, a skilled guitarist and pianist, and the founder and CEO of a top
clothing company. His passion for entrepreneurship and go-getter attitude has helped
him to single-handedly build three companies and establish his brand as an authority.

John has always had the entrepreneur bug. From a young age, John knew he wanted to
become a businessman, starting his first company at only 16 years old. John was still a
student when he began printing t-shirts out of his parent's garage. He would create
designs on his old computer, imprint such designs on t-shirts, and sell them in his
neighborhood. It was indeed a humble beginning.

His creativity, evident in the designs, helped him grow the business and scale on to the
next venture. After that, John Barrett joined the construction and cannabis industries. As
a man with many experiences, John has worked in commercial air conditioning and

general construction, launching his own company. He also worked as a consultant for a
cannabis brand.

Looking back, John says that the experience gained throughout this period has greatly
helped him branch out to fashion and art and maintain a perfect balance. However,
John's journey has not been smooth. He has encountered several obstacles, from
incurring losses to doubting his potential. John lost all his money twice, once in 2012
and once in 2019.

While it was one of the most challenging times, it also taught him much about the
business world and how to run a business effectively. In addition, John learned more
about financial management and the importance of investing in your brand and team; he
confidently teaches others to replicate this success today.

As an entrepreneur, understanding the basics of the industry is important, says John.
This will help you develop better strategies and make informed product/service
decisions that fit your current needs. John Barrett also adds the importance of finding
the right team as it makes managing your ventures easier.

John implores young entrepreneurs to expect highs and lows in the business trajectory;
also, he emphasizes the importance of learning accounting basics. Building a business
is never an easy feat; there are inherent obstacles and down days; however, with
perseverance and the right tactics and preparedness, you'll come out on the winning
side. Finally, he reiterates the essence of sound financial management, as they're
handy measures that help keep your business afloat in the early days when your
business requires a lot of support, ensuring you do not spend on unnecessary items.