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Armstrong Steel Outlines What You Need to Know About Barndominiums

Barndominiums are one of the latest trends in multi-use real estate. As Armstrong Steel explains, these buildings are exactly what they sound like — a barn-style building that’s a hybrid between a barn and a residential space.

These structures are becoming popular for people looking to add an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to their property while adding traditional storage space.

Steel barndominiums are one of the best choices if this is something that interests you. Here are some additional uses for barndominiums, building options, and how to maintain them.

Uses for Steel Barndominiums

There are many possible uses for steel barndominiums. For example, you could create your own mixed-use residential space on your property.

Part of the structure could be living space, with the other part being creative space such as an office, art, or music studio. You could, then, market your barndominium as a maker space, in effect, looking to attract tenants who will pay you monthly rent.

Another potential use would be as a space for your family. For instance, your children could live there post-college, or your parents could live there in retirement. And the entire family could use the remainder of the space as a gathering place that you design creatively.

Since this structure will look like a barn, it’s always a great idea to incorporate outdoor living spaces in your barndominium. This could be a deck, patio, or other outdoor space that the people who live there can easily enjoy.

Barndominium Building Options

Pre-engineered metal building systems are extremely popular for barndominiums as you can erect your structure by yourself.

With steel barndominiums, you’ll have several different styles to choose from. This is one of the most significant advantages of these structures. No two need to look alike, even if they are all in a barn style.

Barndominium Maintenance

Like any structure, a steel barndominium will require some maintenance. Luckily, as Armstrong Steel explains, this maintenance is a lot less than a wood structure.

If you live in a region that gets cold enough, you always want to make sure that the roof is clear of snow and ice.

And like any structure, you want to ensure you’re constantly cleaning out gutters, inspecting doors and windows, and checking the structure for signs of damage.

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