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Arash Avin And Music In His Life

As a singer, my life’s passion has been singing and music ever since I was a child. As I have grown and matured, I have been on a constant quest to explore new musical vistas and hone my own technical and style of singing skills. I always desire to challenge myself further by pursuing additional studies for my skill. This is my way to keep myself updated in the music industry.

I believe music is an art that can captivate our emotions in a way nothing else can, it can inspire and help us convey thoughts and ideas through a unique medium. I look forward to experiencing a new culture and interacting in singing with diverse groups of people, which will broaden both my personal and musical horizons considerably.

Since I was very young, no matter where I have been, whenever a piece of music played I started to sing the song and I gradually began adding my flair to those songs and exploring my creative side. Those helped me to improve my performance style.

For me, Music is accompanied by a burning ambition to succeed, and even when I was a small child I had done any sacrifices that were necessary to ensure I would always perform at my best. Since then I would do Small things such as not eating chocolate and fried foods, ice water, sour and sweet things before a performance, wearing a distasteful, and just always taking care of my body, my style, and my voice. I always get my joy out of striving to be the best, and I get my satisfaction from succeeding in something difficult and knowing I had to work hard to do something.

Throughout my musical career, I have been a part of many different ensembles and bands. This has allowed me to work as part of a team and to communicate and collaborate with others through music performances.  I have always taken part in as many performances as I can because I believe that it’s always good to gain experience, and I also found out that I can learn so much from watching others perform. These experiences have allowed me to become adaptive in live situations, especially because I have had experience performing as a lead vocalist live.

I believe attending live performances gives a far wider understanding and appreciation of a piece of music, and this has been a frequent hobby of mine for many years. I do my best to attend most of the performances in my city to learn more and more. You will be amazed if know how much I learned about singing and performing by attending different shows. I learned minimalism on stage, and most of the time the idea is appealing to me. However, sometimes the minimalist idea can become secondary to the beautiful music it produces.

Arash Avin - Ehsase Shirin (Official Video) آرش آوین - احساس شیرین

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