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Apple won’t tell you how to get your iPhone’s data back, iBoard Repair can help

Losing the precious data stored on your iPhone is a scary event and Apple are evasive and extremely unhelpful when it comes to telling people how to get it back. Luckily, data recovery companies like iBoard Repair are here to help. Experienced technicians have carefully curated a range of skills and techniques for recovering the data from a broken phone and ensuring that you don’t lose your precious files.

So what exactly do iBoard Repair do? How will they get your data back? Here is the step by step guide to recovering your iPhone’s lost data with iBoard Repair.

Step 1- Complete the intake form

The main thing you have to worry about in iBoard Repair’s recovery process is sending them your broken iPhone and the details of the damages. In order to do this, you need to first fill in the intake form to prepare them for your phone’s arrival and inform them of what the problem is. Outlining what has happened and the history of the phone will allow the technicians to understand what they should do to have the best chance of recovering your data.

Step 2- Send your phone

Next all you need to do is take your broken iPhone, pop it in a mail bag and send it on its way. iBoard Repair will send you a FedEx shipping label to use however you can use a carrier of your choice instead if that is preferred. You then take your parcel to a FedEx (or other) location and send it off into the expert care of iBoard Repair.

Step 3- Let them recover the data

Once iBoard Repair receive your phone they will set about recovering the data. They do this by performing microsoldering on the motherboard. This repairs broken power and data lines and is effective for recovering data from water damaged and broken iPhones. iBoard Repair have an extremely high success rate and are able to retrieve data from iPhones that are deemed a
“critical unrecoverable error” by other technicians.

Step 4- Get it back

Once your data has been recovered, you will receive a notification that the job is complete. You will then be able to pay for the service and, upon completion of payment, iBoard Repair will then send your iPhone back along with the data. The data will be on a USB in two folders. One folder contains your raw data labelled appropriately (eg. camera roll, contacts, voicemails etc.). The other folder contains an iTunes backup that allows you to transfer the data from your old phone onto a new one. They will also provide you with instructions on how to do this.

As you can see, iBoard Repair’s process is simple and effective. With affordable prices, easy delivery options and a method that is proven to work, they are the answer to your data recovery problems. So if you are experiencing a loss of data from a broken iPhone, get in touch with iBoard Repair and get your data returned to you safe and sound.