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Anthony Hathaway Finds Success As An Emerging EDM Artist

Getting a break in the music industry has become easier with the rapid growth of social media and almost everyone able to gain access to it. Back in the day, an aspiring artist had to line up for countless auditions in the hopes of getting noticed by a major recording label. Today, anybody can become a superstar overnight by simply uploading a video of doing things they are passionate about, like music.

Most of today’s emerging artists began their journey by uploading content on different social media platforms and music-streaming sites. Their talent gets easily noticed with every user’s ability to share content within and across these platforms. One of the artists to benefit from social media sites is Anthony Hathaway. He’s a rising electronic dance music artist who became famous through his songs going viral.

Music has been a significant part of Anthony’s life as both his parents are members of a band. Music literally fed and raised him, and he returned the favor by becoming a music artist later in his life. Despite the encouragement from his family to pursue things other than music, Anthony couldn’t ignore his growing desire for the craft. Because of this, his family decided to give their utmost support to him.

In grade school, Anthony would play the guitar mimicking his father, who played the instrument in a band. His mother was the band’s lead vocalist, so singing was second nature for Anthony and he only needed to develop his voice. Anthony was a constant presence in many of his school’s plays and recitals during high school. When he started college, he was a regular guest performer in his parents’ band.

During college, Anthony started listening to other types of music, such as rock, hip-hop, RnB, and electronic dance music (EDM). Among all these genres, EDM captured his attention because he liked the energy that this brand of music brought to audiences. He listened to Avicii, Afrojack, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris in his quest to master the genre and become a serious EDM musician.

With a newfound desire, Anthony began his exploration of the world of EDM and other genres he could link to it. Despite their hefty prices, he invested in different instruments like synthesizers, turntables, samplers, keyboards, and bass drums. With the encouragement of his parents, Anthony became determined to step out of his comfort zone and search for his own artistry.

Little by little, Anthony mastered mixing music and making beats and later on started crafting different tracks. He created accounts in SoundCloud and Spotify to store his compositions while hoping some tracks would gain the attention of listeners. Anthony’s first uploaded song, called “Drastic Changes,” gained traction from social media platforms and received thousands of hits from listeners in just a few months.

Anthony has received a few calls from recording companies offering commercial releases of his compositions. For now, he wants to keep things confidential because he doesn’t want to spoil what he has going on. He wants to surprise his growing fan base with his next moves and promises that his debut album will come out soon.