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Anne Picard helps people to plan their once in a lifetime cruise

Anne Picard runs Picards Cruises, where she works with people to plan their dream cruises. She is affiliated with several international cruise lines, and prides herself on selling time on the water rather than standard holiday cruises.

She has helped plan honeymoons, family reunions and other special experiences, and helps to book unique activity and experience combinations.

Anne Picard
Anne Picard

Anne, what made you realise that you wanted to start helping people plan cruises?

After my 1sth cruise , I knew I wanted to share all the beauty and excitement with others. Being on a cruise was a perfect holiday . Cruises are much more economic then a land vacation.

What kinds of cruises do you book people on?

I book every type of cruise including Weddings~ Family Reunions~ Anniverserys ~ Birthdays~ World Cruises ~ Family getaways etc.

Where are you based?

I am A Home Based Agent in Nova Scotia .So No service fee . I am able to be give my clients more hours of my time . I serve both usa and Canada , with main office being out o florida.

What are the most common requests you get?

The most common requests are Families wanting to get together for special events.

What areas are the most popular for cruises?

I would have to say Caribbean , Panama Canal ~ Alaska and Hawaii and Europe.

What is your favourite cruise?

I love all my cruise holidays. But if I had to pick one it would be back to back Southern and western Caribbean cruise. That one is fabulous!

Do you help to organise flights or accommodation if people want a bit of a holiday before or after their cruise?

Yes , if my client wants air and hotel before or after the cruise , I certainly can take care of that.

Thank you Anne for sharing your thoughts with us!
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