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How animal psychic Nancy Mello took her unique gift to the mainstream

Communicating with animals has long been something desired by humans who want to connect with their four legged friends, past, present or future. For a gifted few, they are given the ability to communicate with animals, as this communication comes in the form of psychic abilities. One of these individuals is military spouse and mum of 2 Nancy Mello, a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal intuitive. Though she is now well-known for her astounding ability to communicate with people as well as all kinds of furry friends, the road to success hasn’t always been easy. We explore Nancy’s story and outline her journey in developing her skills as a psychic.

Although Nancy first discovered her gift at a young age, she has since found it incredibly difficult to go public with it. The stigma around psychics exists, and Nancy felt a sense of shame around her ability. Appearing to be a fairly ordinary suburban mum, with 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a husband in the navy, Nancy was unsure of how her talents would be received by the wider community and this was extremely hard to come to terms with. After experiencing some dark times during this struggle, Nancy knew that she had to do what she could to normalize her gifts. Although she was worried about how her abilities might be received in the mainstream, her passion for animals and the desire that she had to help them could not be stifled. The joy that Nancy found in being able to communicate with animals at every stage in their life was the motivator that eventually encouraged her to take her gifts to the public.

Nancy Mello

Her experience with reading for the public began with an invitation for people to ask her questions. She soon found that people found value in the things that she did and expanded her talents into a fully operational business. After achieving success with helping people talk to deceased loved ones, she decided to begin offering her animal services. In no time, people from all over the world began to come to her to ask her to help them understand their beloved furry friends. Today, Nancy’s business is booming and she continues to refine her abilities to connect with animals in a range of ways.

Nancy’s communications with animals span from connecting to pets that have passed, to pets that are experiencing some kind of discomfort, to pets that are lost. Her abilities have allowed people to make decisions about their future, comfort their animals when they need it, and even let go of the past by gaining some closure with their pets. Our animals can play a major role in our lives. They provide companionship, comfort, and much much more. The opportunity to communicate with them and better understand how we can improve their lives has been gladly accepted by many and, as a result, Nancy has gained herself a loyal following of clients.

One thing that Nancy’s ability grants is the opportunity for people to connect with pets that are potential adoptees. Nancy can help foster these new relationships by reaching out and understanding these animals and determining if they are a good fit for the person that hopes to adopt them. Being able to gage their feelings and their attitude towards the new person has helped many people make the decision to adopt. Nancy works with several animal rescue organizations on a pro-bono basis in order to make these connections. She has been able to find the right home for animals in many cases by addressing their history, temperament, and their likes and dislikes. She hopes to advocate for as many animals as possible and continues to connect with rescue organizations across the Unites States to achieve this goal.

Another focus of Nancy’s work is helping pets cross what is known as the “rainbow bridge”. The idea of the “rainbow bridge” comes from a series of poems written in the 1980s and 90s that speculate about an other-worldly place in which pets go after death. By helping people cross the “rainbow bridge”, it is meant that Nancy helps them connect with their beloved pets who have passed away. This may be to communicate anything that an owner feels they need to know to them or to be reassured that their pet is safe and happy in this other-worldly place. This ability has allowed Nancy to greatly help those who struggle to move on or gain a sense of closure after experiencing the death of a pet.

One of Nancy’s most remarkable abilities that has seemed to gain her the most attention, is her ability to reach out to and recover lost pets. Since March 2020, Nancy has assisted people in connecting with their lost pets and has been successful in recovering over 39 animals.  Losing a pet is one of the most stressful and heartbreaking things that an owner can experience. The uncertainty of not knowing where they are and if they are ok is an awful thing to experience. Nancy’s help has been invaluable for people going through this.

To give you an idea of some of the ways that Nancy’s abilities to help lost pets have worked, Oliver’s story, which Nancy talks about in detail on her blog, can be considered. Oliver had been lost for a few days when the owners reached out to ask Nancy for help. Nancy connected with Oliver and found that he had been stuck under a shed for days. Oliver told her that his legs weren’t working and that he couldn’t use them to push his way out. Nancy eventually encouraged Oliver to use his nose to propel himself out from under the shed and showed him how to drag his body to freedom. The family found him shortly after he achieved this. This is just one example of how Nancy’s gift is changing the lives of pets and their families and reuniting them in both a physical and spiritual way.

Although spirituality is clearly at the core of Nancy’s practice, she is also a big believer in science and is passionate about reiterating that science and spirituality can coincide. Her goal is to fund scientific research in order to better understand her psychic abilities and how her, and others like her, are able to use their brains differently to others. Nancy hopes that this will further normalize her unique abilities and show people in a similar situation to herself how they can utilize their gifts in a positive way. She believes that further research will allow her to broaden the ways in which she can help people.

Nancy Mello

For those interested in having a reading with Nancy Mello, she offers a range of flexible options, particularly given the current climate. Although she is based in Connecticut, people all over the world contact Nancy to seek help with a wide range of issues. While pets and animals have become her main area of focus due to the joy it brings her, Nancy can also provide general psychic consultations for individual problems, group problems, or for contacting a loved one who has passed. The time frame for which you wish to speak with her is up to you, with sessions ranging anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours (or more if you need it!) All of her readings are done over the phone or via a video service, making her gift accessible to people worldwide.

Without the motivation that stemmed from the joy that helping animals gave her, Nancy may not have had the confidence to go public with her abilities. The passion that she gained proves that the animals have helped her just as much as she has helped them. Her unique gift has brought peace and happiness to people and pets around the world and she continues to refine her skills and work hard to help as many as she can.

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