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Andrew Taylor Of Family First Life Is On A Mission To Help Others Achieve Success In The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry can be very rewarding, but only if you have what it takes to be a successful agent and receive the support you need throughout the journey. Fortunately for you, Family First Life (FFL) is there to equip you with the necessary skills and backing that insurance agents require.

FFL is a leading IMO that provides its agents with the training, resources, and support that they need to succeed in their endeavors. Not only does it help the agents earn money, but also the clients by providing life insurance and retirement planning.

One of the independent marketing organizations affiliated with FFL is FFL USA. It was founded by Andrew Taylor, who used his years of experience in the industry to create a business targeting families. He used to be a grocery bagger, and he was only able to attain financial freedom when he joined FFL. Through FFL USA, he hopes to transform others’ lives through his company too.

Andrew is one of the top life insurance agents in the country, and he is known not only for his commendable skills, but also for helping others build theirs. This is why his influence spans across different social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. In addition, due to his abilities, he was chosen out of two million other agents to be a managing partner of Integrity Marketing Group about a year ago.

As of today, Andrew has trained 16 agencies affiliated with FFL USA to reach $12 million monthly. This year, he has helped 500 agents make more than $100,000. His current record of insurance appointments for the past 12 years since he entered the industry amounts to more than 10,000. In addition, he has already sold more than $2.5 million of insurance by himself.

However, before all that came to be, Andrew barely earned living expenses as a grocery bagger. Although it was a stable job, he knew that there was more to life for him. This is why he took the risk and pursued a career in the life insurance industry.

He had no knowledge of the insurance industry when he joined FFL and he has stated that he couldn’t be more grateful that FFL had his back. It provided him with proper training, a compensation plan, and lead programs. In Andrew’s first year with the company, he cleared $500,000, which is beyond the average $43,000 of other agents.

Experiencing firsthand how FFL made such a positive impact on his life, he has made it his mission to bring the same benefits to other life insurance agents. This was how the idea for FFL USA was formulated. Currently, Andrew’s company is now one of the largest IMOs in the US, and it’s looking to project over $300 million this year. Andrew and FFL USA are  renowned on Facebook and Instagram and for their inspiring YouTube video uploads.

You can connect with Andrew Taylor on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram.