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Andres Corona And Eberths Perozo, On Building A Successful E-Commerce Brand From Bottom To Top  

For Andres Corona and Eberths Perozo e-commerce presents a lot of growth opportunities. Over the years, these savvy entrepreneurs have succeeded in building an incredible 7-figure earning e-commerce brand, MidoCommerce.

With over 20% of all retail activities conducted online, sales were said to have topped $5.2 trillion in 2021 alone with a projection of $6.15 trillion for 2023. And are projected to grow by 56 percent in the coming years and reach about $8.1 trillion by 2026. 

For Andres Corona, he began his business eight years ago by supplying to both the Venezuelan and American markets. He grew up on the streets of Venezuela and he had to find a way to support his mother and siblings after his father passed, leaving the small family with nothing much to get ahead with. Corona’s first side hustle was selling protein shakes at a local gym just to get by. Then things changed altogether when he found out about e-commerce. 

At first, it wasn’t a smooth journey, he says. He tried his hands on various e-commerce models to determine which one worked for him. He did drop-shipping and worked on the Shopify store before moving his business to Amazon FBA, selling everything from healthcare to sports brands. In the end, it turned out to be a learning process that afforded Andres a better understanding of how the business worked.

His partner, Eberths Perozo, another e-commerce entrepreneur, had been a serial entrepreneur before his path crossed with Andres’. He is the Founder and CEO of Eberths Enterprises, a company offering automated e-commerce service systems to customers to help them advance their businesses. 

“We shared the same vision and goal, so we decided to come to the United States and start MidoCommerce,” explains Andres Corona, adding: “We made $286,000 in sales with our first store, and after that, it was only a matter of growing further.” 

Over the last two years, the two friends have been able to sell over $10 million worth of products for their customers and around $700,000 for their business. This goes to show how hands-on they are when it comes to online retail business. 

“I realized that e-commerce was something that I liked,’ he says. Now he primarily works with Amazon. His company, MidoCommerce, offers Amazon automation services in FBA Wholesale Model. 

As an entrepreneur with a track record of growth and achievement, Andres Corona points out that an important element that young entrepreneurs coming into the industry need to succeed in business is tenacity. 

“Most people who jump into the e-commerce business and fail immediately are the ones who easily give up,” he says. “You can make a great living from e-commerce, but you must dedicate time to it.” 

Currently, the duo is putting together a program to help people succeed in e-commerce and as Amazon affiliates. 

“The course is for the people who don’t have the money yet to do Amazon automation with us,” they explain. “But we’re incredibly transparent and comprehensive with the information that we share with anyone who takes it.” 

Over the years, Andres and Eberths have built their e-commerce brand through consistency, hard work, and proven strategies. Now with over 120 employees and 75 active stores, these two no doubt have what it takes to teach others the rudiment of e-commerce.