An Inside Look at DOPE Marketing Owned by Digital Creator, Dave Carroll

DOPE Marketing is a Minneapolis-based company helping agencies automate laser-focused direct mail for their clients. Its bolt-on direct mail service makes life simple by sending automated direct mail with its open API, Zapier integration, and direct connection with CRMs like Go High Level. Digital creator Dave Carroll is the brains behind DOPE Marketing. He is also a thought leader and CEO of Lions Share Maintenance. Dave grew up in a blended family with eight brothers and sisters in a middle-class neighborhood in St. Paul. Dave says that he was a knucklehead growing up and attended nine different high schools, which helped him realize that he didn’t fit into the conventional education system. He got into business right after high school and has been doing well over the past twelve years. 

DOPE Marketing makes direct mail simple—they send automated postcards from your CRM with no minimum order based on any trigger or function in your business. In less than seven days, their team will help with every process and step, including design, strategy, automation, tracking, and delivery. They send postcards to one address OR the address of the neighborhoods of a job, 100% automated. 

DOPE stands for ‘Data On Previous Engagement.’ The company’s team will help you identify what is currently working in your business. They also discern how you can get more of the same results by simply adding automated direct mail to your marketing tool belt and setting up laser-focused direct mail campaigns that align with your current marketing efforts.  

DOPE Marketing has a custom tool, Neighborhood Blitz, that allows you to send laser-focused mail to any neighborhood in the US by simply drawing a shape on a map and sending postcards and handwritten mail with no minimum order. Their automation allows you to connect your CRM or use Zapier with any trigger in your business to send automated follow-ups or automated campaigns to 1 address or the neighbors of an address with no minimum order. “DOPE’s software also allows you to send direct mail within seconds that will deliver anywhere in the country within 3 to 5 days. You can also order any print or marketing items your business requires with a fast turnover and low minimums,” Dave asserts.

DOPE Marketing’s target home service audience currently has more than 10,000 clients on their SaaS platform. Dave and his team lead the industry in direct mail and print automation, focusing on changing how agencies and businesses look at direct mail. Gone are the days of “spraying and praying” with direct mail. Laser-focused, trigger-based direct mail is the way of the future. DOPE Marketing is an easy bolt-on option to get more clients for any sized agency if you want to add more value to your current clients and retain clients.


Dave has great insights to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. “So much of what we do as entrepreneurs is relative. I’ve found that you get paid for the levels of

problems you solve, so I found myself assessing situations based on what type of value I could provide any given situation,” shares Dave. He has confidence that his brand, DOPE Marketing, is positioned to become a nine-figure powerhouse, bridging the gap between digital marketing and direct mail with automation.

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