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An Inside Look at Distinguished Agency’s Approach to Digital Marketing for Cannabis

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and the competition is getting fiercer by the  day. With various states legalizing its use, there is a greater variety of cannabis  products from flower to concentrates and edibles, making it hard for a company to  cement its place in the industry. However, that has not stopped some from reaching the  top. Different brands have adapted various marketing strategies to communicate their  value to their customers and potentially increase sales. 

More and more digital marketing agencies have also come up to help their clients  become industry leaders. Distinguished Agency is one such marketing company that is  now changing the game with its unique approach. They help their clients get published  by top-tier media companies and expand their audience reach by growing their social  media platforms. 

According to Jeff Krammer, the founder, and CEO of Distinguished Agency, identifying  your target audience is the number one key to success in any industry. This helps you  ensure that your message has been heard by the right crowd, making it easier to  convert those leads into sales. 

Together with his team at Distinguished Agency, Jeff is leveraging his skills and network  to get his clients published in leading publications locally and internationally. He is  helping them grow their social media platforms and tell their brand story perfectly to  attract the right eyeballs through various media outlets.  

“Social media is a vital tool for success in any field in this day and age,” says Jeff. He  explains that how you represent yourself on the various online platforms determines  your success. Your brand’s story helps your audience learn more about your business,  establishing a basis for trust. It also paves the way for more opportunities to increase  your sales. 

Jeff and his team show his clients how to expand their audience reach, design websites  that directly reflect their brand, & tell their unique story through the press. The brilliant specialists at Distinguished Agency work hand in hand with business owners, clearly  understanding their goals and marketing needs. This helps them develop effective  strategies and deliver their clients’ messages perfectly. 

“Having people visit your website is one thing, but that alone is not enough to help you  succeed,” explains Jeff. He says that one common mistake many business owners in  the cannabis industry make is not having a plan that involves capturing those leads. Jeff  advises others in the field to have a detailed website as adding impactful information will  drive the customer to make a purchase. He notes this can be done by ensuring that you  create content that resonates with your audience and detailing where they can find your  products and the different products you offer. 

Looking to the future, the cannabis industry is expected to grow even more, especially  with recent legalizations across different states. As more people join the sector, Jeff  Krammer and his team at Distinguished Agency are helping them become industry  leaders. He says that in the coming years, his goal is to redefine press & digital  marketing in the cannabis industry, supporting more brands to grow their online  presence and have their stories heard.