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Amcon CEO Sean Pandya Makes a Splash in the Cannabis Industry with Award Winning Design for Cultivation Facilities

The cannabis industry is always looking for ways to revolutionize the production, cultivation, preservation, and packaging of cannabis products. Sean Pandya, the CEO of Amcon, has helped introduce a design that can cut back on the energy consumption used to cultivate cannabis by 80%. 

Kishan “Sean” Anil Pandya is a figure that every aspiring entrepreneur can look up to. He is the CEO of the esteemed Amcon Consultants Inc., a company that deals with the architectural, electrical, and mechanical aspects of buildings. He is also the founder of the Sean Pandya Enterprise, a.k.a. SP Enterprise, which is making waves in the cannabis industry with its award-winning cultivation facility design. 

The design of this new building aims to effectively use natural light, air, and soil as efficiently as possible so that a large proportion of the cultivation energy can be saved. Meanwhile, the design of this facility also promises to boost the gross yield of the cannabis grown in it.

However, the road to success was not an easy one to walk. The first major challenge in his professional career came soon after he graduated from high school. Although he was accepted at one of the best universities in California, San Jose State University, he quickly realized that it was not ideal for him, and he dropped out to follow his passion for management and business. 

He began his career as a personal fitness trainer, which was a good fit as he was a fitness freak himself at the time. Of course, this was still far from the long-term plan he formulated. In 2017, he began an internship under his father Anil Pandya, the founder of Amcon. With enough hard work and determination, he eventually became CEO of the company himself. 

After the legalization of cannabis in 2018, Pandya made the decision to transition his business into the cannabis industry. He founded the SP Enterprise, and currently leads the department dedicated to engineering and designing cannabis cultivation projects.

Amcon also provides various engineering solutions to solve architectural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing problems. As there are few companies that offer both types of services, Pandya decided that this would be a great niche for him to exploit, and he was right.

Pandya believes that all of his success happened because of his fresh outlook towards the business industry. He adopted many new techniques and ideas, and along with his team was able to successfully apply them to his business. Personally, he believes that failure is not an option for him anymore, which is why he always strives for success. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to let go of the fear of failure and to take more risks. 

Pandya also became a social media influencer on his way to success. He has 30.5k followers on  Instagram where he frequently posts about his bodybuilding ventures and his collection of sports cars. He is also an animal lover and frequently contributes to animal welfare charities.