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Amalia Kadis is a singer/songwriter who uplifts fans with her amazing music

There’s no doubt that the COVID pandemic has had a massive impact on many industries and the way people live their lives.  Because of social distancing rules, the live music industry has been severely affected, and it has turned off some artists from pursuing their original plans for 2020.

However, Amalia Kadis is an artist who has not allowed the pandemic to halt her career or ruin her spirits. In fact, she has persevered to produce music throughout the 2020 lockdown. As an artist, she has been discovered by many people who were stuck in lockdown and needed something to lift up their spirits.

Her first track released in 2020 was Dry Under The Sun, and this electro-dance number came out just at the right time to give people something to groove to at home. Amalia Kadis was certainly worried about the uncertainty of releasing music under these unprecedented circumstances, but she knew that people needed to have hope that new music was still being made.

Following Dry Under The Sun, Amalia Kadis was quick to collaborate with DJ REDD on Goodbye, a song with an awesome nightclub feel to it. For many people, it was reminiscent of the days when they could party until the early hours of the morning.

Amalia Kadis

During the rest of 2020 Amalia Kadis has released even more music and has been an inspirational figure to tens of thousands of people all around the world. With each new release, her fanbase grows rapidly and she’s certainly going to be in high demand for live shows once things get back to normal.

After she releases her latest singles Crazy About You and Love Me, Amalia Kadis releases her long-anticipated album that she titled I Found You. The album has 11 tracks, one of them being performed in Amalia Kadis’ native language of Indonesian, which shows that she is still in touch with her roots.

The album was released on 01/10 and can be listened to on Spotify here. While the album was initially teased for a late September release, Amalia Kadis wanted to spend some more time working on it and release on the memorable date of October 1st.