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Almost 90 elephants have been found dead near sanctuary

87 elephant carcasses have been discovered near the Botswana protected sanctuary. All of the carcasses had been stripped of their tusks which likely points the blame finger at poachers. The tragedy was discovered by elephants without borders which is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to conserving wildlife and natural resources. In a statement, the organization had said that they were shocked and astounded at the alarming rate at which elephants are being killed in Botswana.

The 87 elephant massacre was also the largest single poaching attempt that the organization had witnessed in the African region. Many of the elephants had been slaughtered within a couple of weeks along with three white rhinos in the same area.

All of the carcasses had the skulls chopped at to remove the tusks. The poachers had also tried to hide the crimes they had committed by throwing rotting flesh in nearby pushes to try and make it look like another animal had done it.

Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world according to a census carried out Elephants Without Borders. Out of all the endangered species of elephants in Africa, Botswana is home to about 37 percent of those animals. Botswana recently disbanded the anti-poaching unit in May this year which is a clear indication as to why the number of poaching incidents has risen. Previously the unit had a shoot to kill policy on any sighted poaching activity within the legally protected area.

The government didn’t explain the reasoning behind removing military efforts from the sanctuary and have not commented on whether they will be reinstalling the unit after this event.