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Almmox : Music artist Shaping the Music Industry

When EDM was originating in the world, no one could ever imagine that artists like Almmox would be going to be a part of this genre to uplift the quality of this genre. Hailing from Delhi, India he already has established a huge fan base. He is on full momentum in 2021 and launched songs back to back titled “Contra”, “Dynamik” and “Orga”, and many more. With an eye to the stars, Almmox seems to have limitless potential.

Taking a gutsy step forward, the latest album “Lujo” of the artist Almmox, has seductive chanting, accompanied by suitable beats which bear the central characteristic of being an indie music artist in 2021. The volume, melody, and tempo of the artist Almmox’s composition sound like he is on electronic triggers. The way Almmox has blended the 2 genres in order to come up with something so artistically deep and meaningful is commendable. He never goes offbeat in his music, which shows how skilled he is as an artist of this genre.

A perfect blending of stylised rhythm with enchanting lyricism has made his vision for the song come to reality. His innate talent and every bit of his acquired skill are evident in this piece of music. This would result in Almmox’s amassing a loyal fan base that would support him throughout his musical journey and look forward to his future releases.

Since his debut back in 2016, Almmox has continued to prove his growth and experimentation with his 2021’s EP “Lujo”. With his new EP on the way for 2022, Almmox says “No specific dates announced yet but I can’t wait to share these songs with people. And I’ve already written a lot of the music that’ll follow actually.”