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All You Need to Know About a Digital Perm

Digital perms originated in Japan and are a relatively recent development in the world of perms. They are able to provide women and men with curly hair in any size they want and it is done dry. This is different to the ways of the original method which would require the hair to be wet.


Before you go ahead and get yourself a digital perm Sydney there are a few things that you should know.


Cost and time

It is important to note that to get a digital perm for your hair you are going to need to set aside a reasonable amount of time and money. The length of the session and the cost is dependent on the thickness and length of your hair.


To provide a rough guide, the process usually takes upwards of 2 hours and can take as long as 4 whilst the cost ranges anywhere between $160 and $220 and moves up the longer and fuller your hair is whilst there are additional costs for washes and cuts.


It lasts a long time

This new method is extremely effective and ensures that your digital perm will last anywhere from 6 months to over a year depending on the length of your hair and how you care for it. This means that you need to be sure about it before you invest in it. A good way to test whether or not you are ready to commit to the look is to try doing it through the original method fist which doesn’t last as long.


Your hair will be frizzy

If you don’t opt to go for a complete digital perm and simply do some elements of your hair then be prepared to endure a few frizzy bits. The heat that is applied in order to set the curls in may make other parts of your hair a little bit frizzy. You may need to use some styling products in your hair to keep those parts that haven’t had the digital perm straight.


Do your research

Simply looking at a picture online before getting a digital perm isn’t research. You need to know that you want it and know how to look after it before you commit. It is important that you know how to properly care for your hair following a digital perm as it will be different to the care required for your normal straight hair. You need to find the right products that are going to keep your hair smooth and shiny.


Invest in hair care

As was touched on in the previous point, once you get a digital perm you need to invest in the appropriate care for it so that it is well maintained and continues to look beautiful. This means that you will likely need to go beyond the $5 shampoo found at your local supermarket and find a proper shampoo and conditioner that is going to support curly, healthy hair.


Prepare to take longer to get ready

Once you get a digital perm you will need to allow yourself more time to get ready every morning. Whilst you may have thought that you took a long time to get ready before, styling your hair every morning is now likely to take longer as you need to more gently blow dry your hair and style it. The curls will hold some shape but can easily get tangled through the night in your sleep and will therefore need to be de-tangled in the morning.


Professionally styling your hair in any way requires a lot of research as you want to make sure that it will look good and you are happy with it.