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Alice Hatcher: The Health and Beauty Entrepreneur

Alice Hatcher is a Health and Beauty expert who used her knowledge to start her own MedSpa, e-commerce store, and even her own brand. Despite the many challenges she faced, she was able to push through them and see great success.

Alice was born in Taipei Taiwan but immigrated to the U.S. at a young age. Her parents had nothing but set out to build a life in this new country. Her father went to engineering school while her mother worked the night shifts as a nurse.

They also owned a Chinese restaurant, which was located right below their one-bedroom apartment. Growing up, her family struggled to make ends meet.

During that time, Alice went to a school that did not have English language courses; so, she was forced to learn English the old fashion way—through immersion.

She was the only ethnic Chinese student in her school and unfortunately dealt with racism and bullying. But, she learned the importance of persevering even through difficult circumstances.

Moving on, she always had an interest in the health and beauty industry and ended up attending the Paul Mitchell Skin Academy and graduating with honors. She went on to train beside Dr. Zein Obagi and worked at prominent companies in the industry such as Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, Stilla, and more.

After gaining plenty of experience in the industry, she decided to go into business for herself and opened up a medical spa in 2006 called: “Essential Beauty.” Unfortunately, her business was affected by the economic recession, and she spent the next five years recovering from such a hit.

During that time, hustling was her only ally. She would leave flyers on people’s cars, sell gift certificates in parking lots, and even take clients from the parking lot to her spa to give them a facial.

Alice also performed many roles in her business at the time because she could not afford to fill them. After a lot of work, her business started to become more profitable, which led her to another business idea.

She decided to start an e-commerce site, Beauty Addict, in 2010 that sold beauty products, but it also provided virtual consultations to address skincare concerns and prescribe the needed products to treat them.

In the first year alone, her online store had more sales than her brick-and-mortar store. She realized the importance of her online store and continued to improve her business and increase her sales year after year.

But, being an entrepreneur at heart, Alice decided to open up her own skincare brand, Precision Skin RX, in 2015 that focused on result-driven medical-grade ingredients to target various skin conditions and lifestyles.

All of her business pursuits have seen great success with her medical spa becoming a top MedSpa in Orange County, California.

While her journey is one to be remembered, it might not have happened at all if she gave in to what others had told her from the beginning—that she can’t do it. She was told that she could never succeed and to not start a business.

But, thankfully, Alice ignored their worries and started a business anyways. To others who may be in a similar situation, Alice advises to never give up and to: “Don’t give a f*** what anyone says, because, in the end, it’s all about you and your happiness and what you can turn your future into.”

All in all, Alice Hatcher overcame what many thought she could not. She also made it through a recession and brought her businesses to great heights through a lot of hard work and a will to succeed.