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Ali Saghi Explains the Power of Social Media and the Stock Market

Social media has taken the world by storm. Millions of users log in to various social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Snapchat every day to connect with family, friends, and like-minded people. Social media platforms have attracted massive traffic as social life has moved online and as everyone is seeking to gain more followers and grow an audience to engage and share their content. Social media is also a powerful tool that one can use to create an extensive network of like-minded people around the world.

Ali Saghi is one individual who is already leveraging the power of social media. At only 16 years of age, Saghi is a social media influencer enjoying a massive following on social media platforms. He is very active on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. He is an expert in the stock market, where he is making six-figures earning monthly by trading stocks. Though still young, Saghi is devoted to sharing his knowledge with others and educating them on finance and stocks. He turned to social media as the preferred method for sharing his trading and investing knowledge as he had a lot of his peers using social media platforms. He already knew social media had the power to connect him to other like-minded individuals.

He chose TikTok as his preferred social media platform for sharing his stock content as it was the newest platform that had a lot of visitors. Saghi knew that he needed to provide value through unique educational content to his TikTok audience. His following started growing as he began sharing his knowledge on TikTok. He gained over 350K followers in five months and established himself as a reliable source for stock information and education.

He then moved to Discord, another social media platform where he planned on creating an audience for his content. After working with another stock discord, he started a stock discord that has gained a lot of members since its launch. Partnering with his friend Gavin Mayo, he created Luxury Equities, a Discord on stocks which is now one of the world’s largest stock discords. He gained a massive following on Discord with over 50,000 members joining the stock discord within one month.

Saghi wants to influence a lot of people through his education on stocks and the stock markets on various social media platforms. Though he still wants to get a degree in Corporate Law and a Masters in Business Administration, he also has big dreams for his business. Saghi is working on creating an app and website for Luxury Equities where investors can get the best information on stocks and connect with like-minded people. He plans to start a hedge fund in the future and run it successfully. Saghi has shown that social media has the untapped potential to reach a lot of people. He learned about stocks online and is still using online platforms to educate others on stocks as he believes that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination.