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Skate in Style with Caprock Skateboards – Founder Alec Benton Reveals His Top Tips and Tricks

Caprock Skateboards is the skateboard company of passionate founder Alec Benton. Benton has had a love for skating since he was just 10 years old, and is now combining his pursuit of a degree in marketing with his love to bring high quality skateboards and skateboarding products to the world. He chats about the range of boards that they sell at Caprock Skateboards, why he is so enthusiastic about skateboarding, and his top tips for people looking to get in to the exciting world of skateboarding.

Hi Alec, thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and when did you start getting into skateboards?

I am an enrolled student at Texas Tech University studying marketing and growing my business at Caprock Skateboards. I first started getting into skateboarding when I was around 10 years old. I was introduced to one of my neighbors who was around the same age as me who taught me how to skate. I fell in love instantly with the sport. I was always an energetic kid growing up and being able to hop on a skateboard to spend hours practicing tricks and hanging out with my friends was perfect for me.

Can you tell us a bit about the range of products you sell?

We have a growing catalog of products ranging from decks, complete skateboards, and other miscellaneous items such as apparel and stickers. Caprock currently has two series of boards: the ‘Cultures’ series, and the new ‘Generations’ series which just recently came out this June. Each themed series comes with 3 uniquely designed boards. The first series has styles of Ancient China, Ancient Japan, and Ancient Greece. The second series has styles of the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Can you ride a skateboard? If so, when did you learn? Was it easy? Did it take many bruises?

I have been skateboarding for just over a decade now, starting at a fairly young age. Skating is one of the sports that is easy to learn, but hard to master. For me, much of the learning process was getting over the nerves of trying a new trick. Skateboarding is very much a mental game, and it is important to be in the right head space. Many tricks can be dangerous, and I’ve had a lot of bruises over the years to confirm that but persevering through until I could get a trick down is one of the most rewarding feelings.

Do you ever use a skateboard as a form of transportation?

For sure, I always love to skate around campus from class to class. I have never been a huge fan of the bulkiness of having to ride a bike around, especially the entire process of frantically trying to find a spot to park it, and then making sure its locked tightly enough to not get stolen while you’re away. Skateboards are easy and portable to ride around. Not much upkeep is required of a skateboard so long as you treat it nicely, and its my go-to mode of transportation on campus.

What do you think makes Caprock Skateboards unique compared to others in your industry?

Caprock Skateboards, unlike other similar companies, puts an emphasis on maintaining superior quality. Our handcrafted 7-ply Hardrock Canadian Maple boards are built with the skater in mind. Flexible enough to ensure the best pop for doing tricks, while also having the perfect amount of strength and durability to last for a long time. The exceptional designs of Caprock are unparalleled to our competitors, each new series telling you a story with its mesmerizing artistry. Each board is designed with a bold artistic touch that draws your eyes in with its elite craftmanship.

What fundamental piece of advice would you give to someone looking to buy a skateboard for the first time?

There are many pieces that come with the full skateboard besides just the deck, and each piece is essential for your goals. Good bearings and durable wheels are most important for smooth and long-distance riding. Durable trucks are essential for stability and safely doing grind tricks. Decks also come in different sizes, so it is important to get an understanding of which size would work best for you so you can ride comfortably. Having a skate tool on hand can also be very helpful for tuning your trucks and wheels to be how you need it, when you need it. Overall, all pieces of the skateboard are equally important to have in mind when buying for the first time, and if you can trust the skateboard, you can trust yourself to learn.

Finally, what makes a good deck? What should people look for?

When buying skateboard decks, it is important to understand what your needs are. If you want to buy a deck purely for transportation, finding a strong durable board is the most important factor. If you are buying a deck to do tricks, good flexibility and concavity are the most important components to look for. Some boards on the market have good durability at the cost of lower flexibility, or good flexibility at the cost of lower durability. Fortunately, Caprock decks are delicately crafted to provide great durability and flexibility in each and every one of our boards.

Whether you’re a complete amateur when it comes to skateboarding or a seasoned pro, Caprock Skateboards can provide you with all the tools that you need to perform at your best. Their beloved range of products includes only the highest quality decks, complete boards, apparel, accessories, and much more. For all of your skateboarding needs, Caprock Skateboards is the place to go.