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Akhilendra Sahu: The teenager who made a mark as a youngest serial entrepreneur

India has been recognized around the globe as an emerging power. Indians are dominant and successful in almost all fields from food and science to business opportunities. Recognizing this the government is also empowering young entrepreneurs to guide the nation towards prosperity. One such young entrepreneur is rightly following this path. He is none other than the founder and CEO of ASTNT Technologies Private Limited himself – Mr. Akhilendra Sahu.

Born and raised in Narsinghpur in MP(India), Akhilendra was different from other teens. While most of the teenagers spend their teenage years enjoying life, he had bigger visions in his mind. His only goal was to start his own company for which he worked tirelessly since the age of 17. Realizing the developments in the digital world and the government’s emphasis on digitalization, he started freelancing in the same. Slowly and steadily he picked up the important aspects of the business industry. When the time was ripe, he founded ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. Since then, he has expanded his entrepreneurship vision over multiple fields. Some of his other  companies include Technical Next Technologies (International Hosting Provider), ASTNT Media (30+ News Sites Network), HeyIndia (Social Media App), StartUp199 (Web Development), FoodChilli(Exclusive Restaurants & Food Delivery), InfinityFame (Public Figures Marketing Agency) and The Publishly (Press Release Distribution). All of his companies are performing extremely well.

Akhilendra is one of the youngest serial entrepreneur in the world. It is very rare to see a youngster become an entrepreneur and achieve success. But he is setting an example for all the budding entrepreneurs. Opportunities are present everywhere you just need to keep an open eye to grab them. This has been rightly exemplified by Akhilendra. Though he has achieved so much at such a young age, he still is humble and helpful. Through his companies he has employed many Indians even in the times of the current pandemic. He is rightly shaping Indian’s future.

Akhilendra has only one motto: Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal. He strictly follows this rule. For him getting to know the client requirement and accordingly providing the necessary solution is of utmost importance. Becoming rich isn’t his objective but he wants to help the needy in every possible way. This is why his companies are still in business and doing well. His tip to budding entrepreneurs is to be highly creative and always standout amongst the crowd.

It is good to that youngsters like Akhilendra are leading India on the forefront. He has risked it all to become what he is today. There were hurdles in his path too. But he always found a way to get past them. It is exactly what India needs in its youth currently. The hunger for knowledge and determination to be successful should always be unmoved. It is the darkest room that a beam of light shines the brightest. Only when pressurized, carbon turns into diamond. If you are perseverant enough there’s no stopping you. Akhilendra has proved it and he truly is an inspiration for many.