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Adam Nasir, SMS Marketing Expert, Explains How SMS Can Supercharge Business Growth

Adam Nasir, founder and CEO of Smarter Contact, has cracked the code for businesses looking to boost their revenue through exceptional customer experiences. 

According to Forbes, businesses prioritizing customer experience see a revenue increase of 4-8% compared to their competitors. SMS is the key to unlocking this potential, and Nasir’s company, Smarter Contact’s SMS marketing software, is leveraging the growing consumption of mobile device by consumers.

“The most valuable asset we have is time; and we’re looking to leverage that. Our goal is to create a system where businesses can efficiently connect with their customers on the channels they use the most, mobile. ” states Adam. 

With SMS boasting the highest conversion rate, businesses using Smarter Contact can expect to convert more leads in a shorter amount of time. The software’s easy-to-use interface allows clients to launch SMS campaigns in minutes and provides a suite of tools to help businesses communicate with customers effectively. 

One of Smarter Contact’s longest customers Alex Jandick has said.

“Using SMS to reach our customers was a no brainer. Once we saw all the tools built-in like the CRM and followup features we were hooked. We’ve generated Millions in revenue and deals just from this channel.”

Adam created Smarter Contact to be a comprehensive SMS text service meticulously and CRM designed to be an all-in-one prospecting, follow-up, and nurturing system. The software provides SMS automation, customized campaigns, ringless voicemail, tier 1 skiptracing, and many other features that distinguish it from other simplistic software on the market.

“We all have our phones on us 24/7. That means your customers do too,” says Nasir. The open rate for text messages is much higher than emails, making it the most efficient way to reach your customers. Smarter Contact’s statistics show that it’s one of the top-rated, highest-converting SMS platforms on the market, capable of expediting a company’s sales by 3X.

Smarter Contact, optimized for conversion,  allows its clients to communicate with customers individually or in bulk. It has been statistically proven that text messages have a much greater open rate than emails. This is why Smarter Contact can assist its clients in converting an impressive amount of leads. 

From its roots as a text message marketing tool for real estate investors, Smarter Contact has expanded to serve a variety of industries, including sales and marketing, event promotion, staffing, gym and fitness, lending, and automotive services. The company’s goal is to be the most dynamic SMS marketing platform on the market, saving businesses time and helping them achieve results.

The founder of Smarter Contact believes that companies will increase their SMS marketing by 50% over the coming years. Therefore, he advises businesses to incorporate such software in their marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition and build lasting customer relationships. 

Smarter Contact strives to be the most dynamic SMS marketing platform on the market, holding customer feedback at the forefront of any decisions and adaptations.