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Acer Releases The Acer C200: A Pocket-Sized Projector

Acer brings out a cutting-edge, top-tier projector close to the size of a wallet that still maintains a quality picture.

Acer recently released the Acer C200 out in the United States. The tiny projector has several notable features that come from being able to project images at a top quality, having two-way stereo sound speakers, a potential to be double as a power bank, and to mainly be portable. The device is connectable to Android devices through an MHL cable, and it also appeals to those who may need the item on-the-go. The device is capable through 200 lumens and has a higher contrast ratio of 3,500:1, breaking down to a resolution of 1600×1200.

The release leaves the company and its users high expectations on the projector, going more to anticipate out of their sales. Electing itself at the price of $199.99, it becomes a screen projector that is more or less accessible to your standard person.

Typical projectors are known to be bulky and heavy, taking up a lot of space and generally being hard to carry around. The new device follows dimensions of 4.3×4.7×1.2 inches, leaving the size compact and relatively wallet-sized, in comparison to the more standard 16-inch length, not to mention the other aspects of those products. Projectors down the line have strict requirements to meet the needs of anyone who may require viewing, and on occasion, the size of the projector may have some form of effect on the quality of images that it produces.

Acer promotes the use of pint-sized projectors that provide good quality for those aiming to deliver their product (or other performance) through their devices, presentation after presentation. This concept encourages a market that says good work for their money, in comparison to other companies that open their offers for roughly higher estimates. The new tactic brings the market closer to the goal of normalizing a new line of projectors; sleek, portable, but still highly functional.