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Abraj Bay, Qatar’s Luxury Real Estate Developer

Finding a good house to settle in can sometimes take time and effort. On top of that, finding a good real estate developer with all your needs in mind is more complicated. However, Abraj Bay has this problem solved for you. Abraj Bay is not just a real estate developer but a luxury real estate developer. The properties are developed while having the luxury of the client in mind. Abraj Bay takes into account luxury designed around the concept of family living. So, whether you need a residential, vacation, or commercial building, you don’t have to look any further. Today we take you through every essential detail you need to know about Abraj Bay and its luxury real estate.

Abraj Bay offers a ton of luxury amenities in its catalog. These include, and are not limited to, two spas, hair salons, two padel courts, BBQ areas, six swimming pools, two outdoor kids’ play areas, two indoor kids’ play areas, two restaurants, and two coffee shops, among others. Abraj Bay offers a mobile app for easier access to their commodities. You can use the app for booking, signing, renewals, and requests for a car wash, water delivery, concierge, maintenance, and free valet parking. This development will make your life a lot easier and more comfortable. All you need is to tap your mobile phone and solve all your issues in the comfort of your home.

One of the most significant accomplishments in any field is receiving awards, which means your efforts are recognized. Abraj Bay boasts numerous prestigious awards in the real estate industry. The company was the winner of two 5-star awards as the best residential development in the Arabia and Africa regions by the International Property Awards 2022–2023. It also won three awards for the best property video, rising star, and best developer for 2021–2022 by the Property Finder Awards. To add to the list, Abraj Bay Real has been nominated at the International Property Awards end of this year to be ranked among the global winners.

There are a dozen challenges in the real estate development industry, and Abraj Bay has had its share. They mention how the issue of changing rules and regulations has been a challenge to them. As an individual developer, you must get the building designed by the Master Developer. However, Abraj Bay managed to get approval to use its designs and obtained the relevant building permits from the Master Developer Property Development Team. An extensive setback came when the laws changed, and they had to seek permits again from the Ministry of Municipality Affairs and Urban Planning. This was not only a financial setback but also time-consuming.

Another challenge was keeping the project running amid the COVID-19 restrictions as they were sourcing materials and labor from international locations. The 2017–2020 Qatar diplomatic crisis was a considerable limitation to the access of a much-needed workforce.

Despite all the challenges, Abraj Bay has risen above them to provide the market with luxury real estate. For Abraj Bay, the challenges only made them stronger and even more determined to provide its clients with luxurious family living. So, get in touch with Abraj Bay and have your real estate problems sorted out today.