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Aaron Sansoni, Mr Empire – 65M Net Worth And Rising Each Year!

Aaron Sansoni, otherwise known as “Mr. Empire”, is not lacking when it comes to accolades and is a highly celebrated and well-known businessman. He is a global mentor passionate about educating others, an investor in others’ dreams, a philanthropist focused on underprivileged children, and a best-selling author of two brilliant books. With a million followers on Instagram, his global impact is obvious; he has a 65 million dollar net worth and has built or invested into over 100 companies to show for it. He is one of the richest men of his age in Australia and has formerly been nominated for Australian of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year. Recognized as an internationally acclaimed speaker, he has shared the stage with none other than Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Gary Veynerchuk.

He is a highly inspirational and sought after business mentor; sharing that he began his business with the desire to help others,  “I want to show others that they can build a life by design by building their own Empire”.  He has no fear when it comes to taking risks and is passionate about investing in others’ businesses to help them reach their highest potential. This boldness has led to his great success and extreme wealth. 

His ventures are highly diversified and according to his website; he is “Featured in over 40 publications around the world, Aaron runs successful venture capital companies with interests in media, technology, ecommerce, events, retail, space, education, health and many more.”

Sansoni is no stranger to hard work; having grown up an underprivileged child in a cramped home with six siblings, even being told by teachers that he would never amount to anything, he was lit from within with a desire to succeed in life. With his first job in a newspaper delivery service, he began to conduct various sales operations and by age 23 already possessed a decade of sales knowledge and entrepreneurial experience. He has shot his way up through the entrepreneurial sphere and become an international sensation in an outstandingly short amount of time.

Although he spends much of his time running his investment firm Sansoni Management and conducting various speaking engagements and educating businesspeople all over the world, he is still a devoted family man. He is highly dedicated to his amazing wife and two children, somehow managing to “do it all” by becoming a global business sensation while simultaneously investing in his own precious family. 

Sansoni is dedicated to giving back as well, remembering his childhood, he created the Aaron Sansoni Foundation. This philanthropic organization is committed to feeding and providing for those in need across Australia and into South Asia, serving orphanages in Sri Lanka. Sansoni is truly well rounded and his generosity knows no bounds. Rather than being a stingy businessman, he shares his knowledge, wealth, and expertise with any who are interested.

Sansoni holds multiple events throughout the year including upcoming Enterpreneur’s Summits. Prospective clients can engage in coaching, view testimonials, contribute to his foundation, and access on demand training on his website. He can also be found on Instagram at @aaronsansoni