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Pakistan has traditionally remained a largely patriarchal society, and therefore women have had fewer opportunities than men to become financially independent and contribute to the economy. Founder and CEO of Shehryar Shah is seeking to help change this and help Pakistani women by giving them a multi-service success platform.

The platform is destined to help women in Pakistan with education, employment, starting a business, and teaching skills that help with generating income. Distributed both domestically and internationally, the hope of Aapi is to enable its customers to not only support their own families but help Pakistan achieve a multi-currency exchange.

Shehryar Shah decided to create Aapi because he did not see adequate employment opportunities for women in Pakistan. There are many entrenched social systems in Pakistan that prevent women from leaving home to find work, and therefore Aapi is designed to help women use the internet to train in skills they can use to work from home or establish their own at-home business.

The vision of Aapi is to help women achieve self-reliance and economic autonomy. Working within the boundaries of current Pakistani society, Aapi will give women the chance to attend online seminars and connect with one another without having to leave home as well as buy and sell with each other.

This will work to create a community of Pakistani women who work to empower one another and help each other achieve financial independence. Aapi’s digital technology solutions will help train and enable women to participate in a growing digital economy in Pakistan.

From a numbers standpoint, Aapi is on a mission to help at least 20% of the 103 million women in Pakistan to become financially independent. This goal will be achieved by providing a robust support network to women that enables them to upskill and earn money from the safety of their home.

Aapi will not charge any fees or require any financial investment from the women it plans to help. All the necessary digital tools and mobile apps (as well as instruction on how to use them) will be provided free of charge.

The Aapi network will help women in Pakistan learn how to start their own business and connect with willing customers both within and outside the country. These women will be able to upskill and earn money without having to leave home and potentially expose themselves to public scrutiny.

Those who are interested in helping to support underprivileged women in Pakistan can sign up as an “Angel Investor”. This allows them to purchase and send a study gift cards or help to fund Success and Training Programs to benefit women in Pakistan.

The Aapi jobs marketplace will also enable people to hire top female talent in Pakistan using the Aapi platform. This includes hiring for everything from temporary assistance to full-time remote work.

There are also opportunities for training specialists and mentors to join Aapi and assist with enabling Pakistani women to succeed in business. Everyone from volunteers to paid professional specialists is welcome to sign up as an instructor/mentor.

Ultimately, Aapi is a cleverly designed system that will help many women in Pakistan become financially successful from the comfort and safety of their homes.