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A Tryst with Dr. Anju Sharma of ‘Sound Of Infinity’ the  Asia’s first sound healing band 

Dr. Anju has emerged as one of the exceptional alternative medicine and therapy experts emerging as a boon for people suffering from different ailments

Dr. Anju Sharma is known for her exceptional work in alternative medicine and therapy who has done wonders in this domain. Thanks to her expertise and exposure in her field, she has carved her niche hard in the industry. She has been in the medical field for more than a decade and has been involved in more than 128 conventional and global healing modalities that have proved a blessing in disguise for the patients. She completed her MBBS followed by her PG in Neuroscience. At the same time, she also holds different profiles including playing the role as a Psychic reformer, Sound & Energy Master, Wellness-Holistic Coach, International Speaker and Founder of the Musical Healing Band named “Sound of Infinity”.

Through her healing band group, she has helped hundreds of her patients using diverse healing techniques that work under musical healing. Some of her time tested techniques include the known Aroma Healing Therapy, ‘Sound Healing Therapy’, and ‘Emotional & Mental Health Healing’. At the same time, she has even trained a wide range of students coming from different backgrounds and walks of life. Learning for her is a never ending process, hence, she is currently busy exploring the potential of Sound of Nada, Vibrational Sciences, Indian Sonic and different Vibrational Sciences and their diverse applications moving around body, soul and mind.

She has been fond of sound, hence used it like Raga, Music and Mantra trying different blends and combinations when it comes to treating people, which have even healed a wide range of people with positive results. She also has expertise in other areas making a competent Face Reader, Dowsing Master, Angel Card Reader, Matrix Re-imprinting, Subconscious Mind Reader, Past Life Matrix Re-imprinting, EFT, NLP and Access Conscious Tropical Astrology to name a few. Her wide range of work has made many agencies and groups applaud her. She bagged a couple of prestigious awards as well including ‘Best Relationship Analyst Award’ by the Government of India.

Besides, she was even recognised at the locations like Dubai getting the title of ‘Sound Queen’ apart from getting honored in her own country by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Education Minister and the HRD Minister of India for her anti-drug campaign in India. She got her nomination for the ‘Marvelous Book Record’ for her outstanding achievements. Till date, she has  bagged 14 global and national awards for her research work. In a sense, one can make out that her contribution in the society has been diverse and she intends to go a long way.