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A Little About Children’s Book Author & Pediatric Sleep Consultant Amber Gilmore

When we talk about industry-leading childcare experts, it is hard to not mention celebrated author and pediatric sleep specialist Amber Gilmore. She has given parents and their little one’s her unique brand of expertise for over a decade and has demonstrated what is possible with the right passion.

Her business, Creative Nurturing is the go-to for parents in Atlanta who wish to provide their children with the best care in the region. Utilizing her years of experience, Amber Gilmore crafts customized plans for each child that complement their sleeping habits and reduces the burdens on working parents.

Her skills as a childcare and pediatric sleep consultant allows her to coach parents in innovative techniques and planning that empowers busy parents to provide a more holistic and natural sleeping environment for their kids, which in turn allows them to have a much better chance at a peaceful tomorrow. Creative Nurturing also offers overnight care options and 24/7 end-to-end care for newborns and infants.

An Unwavering Passion

For Amber Gilmore, her work was her calling – being passionate about children and childcare for her entire life, it is fitting that she would end up in the position she is in today. Her natural inclination for caring and understanding the intricacies of children is what makes her the sought-after provider that she is.

Her passion and dedication to childcare is exemplified in her private life where she has released two books that are designed to appeal to children and parents alike. Her latest release The Sleepy List, allows her lessons and unique approach to fostering a healthy sleeping pattern for newborns and infants be available to parents around the world.

After seeing the statistics on the detrimental impact that poor sleeping patterns have on parents and children alike, Amber was on a mission to provide the best possible solutions – which is where Creative Nurturing was born.

A Consolidated & Evidence-Based Education

It is not only passion that fuels Amber Gilmore – her education speaks for itself. She is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Master Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Consultant, Integrated Infant Sleep Coach and published children’s book Author. She has put the time and effort into ensuring she is providing the very best care for her ever-growing list of happy and well-rested families.

Her years of experience has also fed into her credentials as she has been able to observe a whole range of potential issues and scenarios that can manifest. Through her tireless efforts, unwavering passion, and continued education, Amber Gilmore has set herself apart from other childcare specialists and providers.

Understanding what makes your child tick, and the best ways to promote a healthier sleep is only a phone call away with Amber Gilmore.