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A fun and unique way for getting younger kids into language learning

It can be difficult to get a child’s attention at the best of times especially when they’re developing their own unique perspective on the world and learning so many new things every day. The concept of them taking on a new language at such a developmentally heavy age can seem like a mountainous challenge. Two teacher moms Christina Lin and Xiaoxiao Zheng decided to tackle the challenge head on and founded I Luv Chinese, a subscription-based box delivery service that aims to engage young learners with creative methods to understand the fundamental aspects of the Chinese language.

Delivered monthly straight to your door, these specially designed boxes contain an array of activities and games aimed at toddlers and preschoolers that aren’t overwhelmingly complex or difficult to take on – yet serve an important foundational purpose for cultivating a thirst for learning. The various activities familiarize certain words in the language in a fun and frivolous manner to attract attention spans and covertly teach important lessons simultaneously.

The fun doesn’t just stop with the boxes, the founders have also created an online database of content and resources to assist parents of kids who want to learn more, including songs, worksheet booklets, extra classes and even more activities. Going so far as to offer free streaming sessions of story time reading of easy-to-follow and educationally threaded stories that will allow any child to follow and learn at the same time.

Their years of expertise in childhood education is quite noticeable through each activity offered, allowing parents to ease into educating their kids in an informal and fun way. It really is a fantastically effective way to introduce new ideas to younger kids that involve fun and useful activities that will invariably allow them to thrive in future endeavors and educational roads.

Any parent will attest that capturing the attention of toddlers and preschoolers is an uphill battle on the best of days, the savvy team at ‘I Luv Chinese’ have created a unique solution to a problem that parents around the country and the world understand implicitly.