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A Brief Glimpse at Saltalk: A Silicon Valley Success Story

When Silicon Valley enters the conversation, one always knows that there is a story behind it – for revolutionary food delivery service and kitchen Saltalk, this is very true. The budding company opened its doors for business in 2018, but the roots of the idea fall back to 2013 in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Saltalk is a one-of-a-kind dining experience platform that delivers specially prepared meals by chefs who wish to bring a taste of their homegrown origins to the table. With a wide selection of cuisines and a state-of-the-art kitchen, Saltalk has all the hallmarks of a Silicon Valley success story.

Founder, Fred Ming and his wife were planning a one year stay in the tech-savvy region initially, but as fate would have it, a dinner in a Chinese restaurant would end up changing the course of their story irrevocably. After being served a meal that was similar to one from her youth, Mrs. Ming broke down and unknowingly kickstarted Mr. Ming’s mind to begin formulating what would then become Saltalk.

Silicon Valley Fostering

While that dinner was in 2013, Mr. Ming was set on his journey and began sourcing ideas and establishing connections that would eventually pave the way to Saltalk opening its doors. The beauty of Silicon Valley is the landscape of innovation and idealistic thinking. This pattern of thinking has allowed countless institutions to find their humble beginnings in the region of California.

Saltalk was not an easy journey by any stretch, Fred Ming worked tirelessly to get the foundational support and necessary funds raised to open the doors for Saltalk in 2018 and has since seen a tremendous success.

It seems people in Silicon Valley are quite taken with the original notion of international food delivery with the authenticity in the recipes. The ease of booking in advance is hard to pass up as well with orders being able to be placed up to 2 weeks before.

Expansion Expansion

After the initial success of Saltalk’s satellite kitchen, a recent opening of a secondary location in Santa Clara has also seen the expansion of the young company, now able to sufficiently hold more chefs and patrons, there’s no telling where Saltalk will go. One thing remains certain, it’s certainly born and raised in Silicon Valley.