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A brand new Packwoods collab with cookies and berner is now available in California

There is a new collaboration underway between the premium pre-rolled cannabis blunt maker Packwoods and rapper Berner, along with the popular LA-based Cookies dispensary. For people living nearby Cookies Melrose, Cookies Oakland, and Cookies Maywood, there is an exclusive opportunity now to get Packwoods x Cookies infused pre-rolls.

Pre-rolled cannabis blunts from Packwoods have become incredibly popular due to the high-quality flower packed into the blunts that don’t use tobacco leaf wraps. With this new collaboration, demand has soared to new heights for Packwoods.

As part of this collab, five new blunt strains have been released. Each one of them has been rolled with top-shelf flower that comes directly from a Cookies dispensary. The Cookies brand has become the top international cannabis lifestyle brand that delivers big on proprietary genetics, all the way from California to Barcelona, Spain. It is a brand that has become famous for its high-terpene and cannabinoid profiles, which is in high demand these days. Cookies’ cannabis arsenal contains such legendary strains as Gary Payton, Cereal Milk, Pink Rozay (specially made for Rick Ross), Georgia Pie, and Grenadine. Each one of these strains pairs perfectly with Packwoods hand-rolled blunts, making it a match made in cannabis heaven.

Taking a peek inside of the new Packwoods x Cookies pre-rolled blunts, we find two full grams of hand-broken cannabis flower, along with high-potency Nug Run Sauce. All of this cannabinoid goodness has gotten wrapped up in a 100% tobacco-free Packwrap. There is also an included glass filter finish that Packwoods has engineered specifically for its pre-rolled blunts.

This is a great option for people who either don’t want to roll their own, don’t know how, or don’t have the time to. If you want to take the old-fashioned route and go through the process of rolling your own cannabis-packed blunts, then Packwoods also has a new product that exissts thanks to a collab with Berner. It’s called the Packwoods Roll Your Own Kit.

The Roll Your Own Kit is the newest addition to the line of products offered by Packwoods. There is an eye-popping 3.5 grams of top-shelf cannabis flower that comes with this kit. You also receive three cross-cut glass filters for your DIY blunts. There is an entire book of Vibes sheets you can use to wrap up that premium bud. Whether you want to roll these yourself for your own enjoyment or bring it along with you to your crew, this kit has everything you need to enjoy a sublime smoke. The whole thing is also in a child-resistant and smell-proof box so that you can easily take it with you.

If you want to take advantage of the new Cookies and Berner collaborations Packwoods has going on right now, you may want to act fast because demand is high. These are exclusive products that have not been matched by the company’s competitors, making them highly sought after.

You can see the entire Packwoods selection on the company’s website. You can also follow them on Instagram @packwoods.