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8-Figures in 10 Years: Eliott Pityn Shares His Real Estate Secrets

The real estate industry has tremendously grown in the recent past. It has undoubtedly been among the most sought-after niches targeted by most potential businesspersons who have yielded great success. Eliott Pityn is among the lucky entrepreneurs who invested in the industry not long ago but have been reaping the benefits.

He was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but his family moved to Canada when he was three years old. He has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and has always wanted to pursue it in the long run. Eliott kick-started his dream by establishing a pop stand where he would sell drinks during the hot summer days. Besides, he did lawn care and snow removal services. With time, the young go-getter developed an interest in multilevel marketing (MLM), which he executed for some time before ditching it for his real estate investments. Eliott immediately set up his firm and couldn’t be happier to have discovered this lucrative industry. 

Sooner than later, Eliott cemented his brand within the real estate business and has so much to be proud of. The astute entrepreneur owns and runs various real estate enterprises such as The Pityn Organization, PREIC, Pityn Investments, and The Pityn Foundation. Moreover, he controls more than 40 million dollars’ worth of multifamily real estate, which consists of 300 units. 

Hungry for success, Eliott bought his first property at 20 years old and amazingly turned it into over 20 properties within four years. This included different forms of real

estate ranging from single families up to 4-plexes. Unfortunately, he experienced financing and scaling challenges, prompting him to re-strategize. Eliott sold his small properties and purchased large multifamily buildings, 20 units and up. It took him three years of focusing on large apartment buildings to grow from 50 to 300 units.

The 32-year-old real estate mogul has a few basic guidelines to success to share with future realtors. He suggests that a positive attitude is essential for achieving your

desired growth and success levels. “Facing failures is common in any industry, but a positive attitude can help you overcome them and lead ahead,” he mentioned.

Additionally, a realtor should possess a strong work ethic. Properties are not sold on their own but primarily through agents. Consequently, these agents require a strong work ethic and extraordinary effort, i.e., they should be strongly dedicated and determined towards their work. Realtors should be persistent in their actions and sharpen their skills, as this can help them face many setbacks and instill a never-give-up attitude.

The prosperous realtor still advises all potential agents and entrepreneurs never to quit learning. By being on-field, they should attain the maximum knowledge available in books and through real-life experience. “Learning about the local markets and gaining more knowledge about all the properties available can make a person more efficient in his work. Carry out proper market research as well. You will get to know more about the market trends and understand current strategies by doing proper market research; go ahead in helping entrepreneurs stay ahead in the game,” he asserted. 

Through his impeccable work ethic, Eliott has been taking the real estate industry to greater heights. He aims to keep growing his companies and foundation, hitting $100 million in assets in three years, $500 million in ten years, and eventually over a billion dollars in less than 20 years.