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6 toxic ways clutter is ruining your life

That instant ease you feel after tidying up is more than a mere sigh of relief. It may come as a surprise but clutter has detrimental effects on your mental, emotional and physical health. Based on various studies on clutter, here are the 6 toxic ways clutter is ruining your life.

1. Clutter is a known stressor
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin published a study that found people living in cluttered homes tend to be stressed out. No surprise there. After a long day at work, a messy house isn’t the most ideal place to relax.

2. Clutter ruins your diet
In relation to the high levels of stress, clutter might be to blame for those extra pounds.
As per Huffpost, Dr. Eva Shalhoub says “Clutter is stressful for the brain, so you’re more likely to resort to coping mechanisms such as choosing comfort foods or overeating than if you spend time in neater surroundings.”

3. Clutter causes asthma and other breathing problems
The Alliance for Healthy Homes claim that cluttered areas tend to build up more dust. This triggers breathing problems particularly for those suffering from asthma. Keeping the clutter at bay is a healthier option.

4. Clutter causes quarrels
Sharing a home with your family, a roommate or a significant other? It helps to know that clutter can be a cause of arguments. Help together to clear it up and reduce stress for everyone in the home.

5. Clutter lowers productivity levels
A messy environment can be distracting and this affects your productivity. A Princeton University study suggests that “multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation.”

6. Clutter can make you feel lonely
Wanting to invite friends over can be difficult if your place is covered in clutter. Don’t isolate yourself! Tidy up and get organized so you can host the perfect soiree for friends and family.