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6 morning habits to start your day with a boost

As soon as you wake up, whatever you do in the next 10 minutes have a high potential to set the tone of the rest of your day. This is why it’s important to use your time effectively right when you get up from the bed. Developing habits that are beneficial for your mind in body is a good way to start your day energized and full of motivation. Read on for five morning habits to start your day with a boost!

  1. Take a hard pass on the snooze button.
    Pressing the snooze button might be tempting but stop yourself right there! A couple more minutes of sleep and you’ll end up feeling groggy. Be an early riser and welcome your day.
  2. Begin with a morning stretch.
    Now that you’ve fought the urge to snooze your alarm, it’s time to stretch. Stretching out your arms, back, legs and neck have some great benefits. It improves blood circulation, joint flexibility, and relieves stress.
  3. Drink up!
    Eight hours of sleep without drinking water can leave your body parched. Replenish it with a nice glass of water. This keeps you hydrated and washes away the toxins in your body!
  4. Break the fast.
    And by that we mean, breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason. This kick-starts your metabolism and gives the body energy to head out the door. A healthy breakfast will also keep you full and help you burn calories throughout the day.
  5. Listen to some upbeat tunes.
    Nothing sets the mood like music. Bust the tunes while you’re getting ready and even bring it with you to your morning commute. Some uplifting beats are sure to keep your spirits high.