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5 things you don’t know about Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee is an incredibly exciting person that as an impressive history behind them, as well as a promising future ahead of them. Let’s take a look at 5 things you might not know about Amer Safaee.

1.   They rose up from humble beginnings

Born to a poor family in Daykundi in 1980, Amer had a lot riding against them early on in their life. They managed to get educated and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in IT and Technology. They also finished a master’s MBA.

This is extremely impressive and adds to the human nature of Amer Safaee. While others in the business have a rich background, he is a down-to-earth person who can always be relied on to be truthful and relatable. This has made him not only a competent business person but someone who makes relationships quickly and knows how to maintain them in the long term.

2.   They are unbeaten in business

Amer Safaee used his education to start an IT security business that has extended to provide services to 10 countries. They have also made investments in the beauty sector. They have incredible business and management skills, being able to tackle problems from many different angles and find a solution that generates profit.

While investment in business can be a risky move, Amer Safaee is not afraid of taking these risks as they know it is the only way to drive authentic success. Amer knows that if he did not take a few risks, he would not have the success he enjoys today.

3.   They are very focused on work

Part of why Amer has been so successful is he is extremely dedicated to his work. As Amer is not married and does not have children, he can focus 100% of his time on his business prospects and drive success with his companies as well as monitor his investments with a keen eye.

With this in mind, they have long-term targets and goals they want to achiever. Amer Safaee believes that it is essential to set goals and work towards them bit by bit. His goal for 2025 is to have a company operating across 50 countries overall.

4.   They love animals

Amer Safaee is passionate about protecting animals and animal welfare. Amer believes that animals are the most innocent beings on earth and need to be protected from human encroachment. He is an advocate for more sustainable business practises that helps to preserve environments.

5.   They like a taste of luxury

Like anyone with business success, Amer Safaee likes to dabble in the luxurious side. He particularly loves luxury cars and also enjoys high-end fashion brands like LV and Dior.