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5 things to accomplish before entering year 2020

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and the best way to end 2019 is to end it strong. Whether the past year has been a difficult one or one full of achievements, 2020 is always worth looking forward to. Here are the 5 things you have to accomplish before the year ends.

  1. Make your own year-end review.
    2019 has its ups and downs for everyone. Assessing your progress from last year sets you up for what you need to prepare for next year. Do so by creating your own personal year-end review. Include challenges, things that went well and key lessons.
  2. Set long-term and purpose-driven goals.
    Listing down your long-term goals for the next year is a great way to start gaining momentum. This also serves as an inspiration to look forward to a better year in the near future.
  3. Come up with an action plan.
    Now that you’ve set your goals, it’s time to figure out an efficient way to reach them. A great way is to set micro-goals that will act as steps to keep you moving. Action is the key to achievements.
  4. Give yourself some closure.
    Now is the time to start letting some things go. There’s no place for last year’s bitterness in 2020. Give yourself some peace of mind by finishing off difficult conversations, closing doors and even burning bridges if you have to.
  5. Take note of the goals you need to continue working on.
    Certain goals take more than a year to achieve but that doesn’t mean you are falling behind. You can always continue to work on goals that will take more time. After all, the more you persevere the better the results of your hard work.