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5 Steps toward overcoming self-doubt

Self-doubt is one heck of a downer. It’s no wonder why people always say that “you are your worst enemy,” because it is often true. Sometimes, you’re not even aware that the only person getting in your way is you. While there’s no overnight fix to overcoming self-doubt, these five small steps will eventually lead you to the right track:

  1. Be gentle to yourself. 
    It’s ok to remind yourself time and time again not to be too hard on yourself. Self-doubt often stems from focusing on your faults instead of your strengths. While it’s ok to determine your weak points for self-improvement, lingering on them without doing anything can get you nowhere.
  2. Cut the comparisons. 
    Everyone else seems to already have it together when looking from the perspective of an outsider. No matter what level someone is in life, there’s always something they need to work on. Everyone has their own struggles, so don’t compare yourself to them especially if it’s based on a carefully curated Instagram feed.
  3. Burn bridges if you have to. 
    Some people leave us no choice but to burn bridges, and you need to know that it’s ok to do so. Keeping in touch with the people who have nothing to say but negativity can only fan the flames of self-doubt. So don’t be afraid to cut ties in order to save yourself from the emotional and mental toll of having to deal with them.
  4. Or set limits if you can’t. 
    Sometimes, the people mentioned above are the people closest to us. They can be in your family or in your closely-knit circle of friends. In that case, burning bridges isn’t always the best option. If so, don’t be afraid to call someone out if they’re stepping a line so they know that what they’re saying or doing is hurtful and leads to your own self-doubt.
  5. Choose to be better every day. 
    There’s a quote posted somewhere on the internet that says “You choose what you don’t change.” And for something that’s from the most superficial source of philosophical truths, this saying is absolutely true. Changing your attitude towards yourself is a choice you can make, not an easy one but definitely not impossible to turn your back against. So choose to treat yourself kindly and improve every day.