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5 Secrets to Increasing Engagement Rate on Instagram

Experiencing a growth plateau on Instagram and wondering how to navigate it? From talking about the content types to the posting times or the features to use, the following article will divulge all industry secrets to help you get the best results! 

These tips will help you increase engagement on Instagram at no extra cost. You could also get Instagram followers and bring in the audience response you deserve. However, if you want a more natural approach, we suggest you read on.

Keep in mind that fresh content is key in every social media platform. However, keeping your audience waiting for too long does not prove fruitful. Alternatively, overwhelming them might have negative impacts, which is why it is important to strike the perfect balance. 

Posting twice a day and at least three times a week can help you keep your engagement high. However, posting at times when your audience is inactive will not help bring in their response. It would be better if you find out when your audience is the most active and create a social media schedule based on it.

You could try Instagram’s in-built analytics and engagement tools to find out the best time to post. Otherwise, a general guideline one can follow is –

  • Post during early mornings and lunch breaks on weekdays
  • For evenings, posting after office closing times helps a lot
  • Post before noon or after 10 PM on the weekends

It is necessary to take the general lifestyle of the demographics into account to increase engagement on Instagram. You could also get Instagram followers and other services to collect data for a higher target audience.

  • Use Instagram Story Features

Instagram’s Story features like poll stickers and votes are a great way to converse with one’s audience. It helps your audience feel valued and more connected to the brand decisions. Additionally, the emoji sliders are also a great way to get customer feedback about a product/service. 

Several businesses and content creators use the countdown stickers for a big reveal or product launch. The ‘Ask Me Anything’ or Question sticker is the most commonly used feature to increase engagement on Instagram. Most of the questions received might pertain to the industry (for businesses) or one’s life (for content creators). You could also get Instagram followers to get a good response to your micro-stories.

  • Post Narratives and Stories

Instagram is a visual-based platform where mediocre content ideas do not work. But, a great idea needs a good visual to grab the audience’s focus. Try to create and deliver an all-around post complete with compelling captions and images/videos to increase engagement on Instagram. 

You should aim that your audience connects to your content and forms an emotional bond. A great way to do so is by using emojis and captions complete with clear CTAs to offer a clear direction and get the desired response. You could get Instagram followers and comments to understand what kind of story-telling and direction your audience likes!

  • Partner with Influencers/Brands for Reels

Instagram Reels are a great new feature to post collaboration content, especially when the platform has rolled out its new collaboration feature. The function allows you to invite someone to become a collaborator. 

Once one becomes your collaborator, the content will be automatically shared with their followers. Thus, you get to share likes, views, comments, and other metrics. Collaboration and Partnerships help you increase engagement on Instagram by allowing access to the other’s audience.

  • Focus on Building a Visually Consistent Brand Identity

Your brand should have a clear set of values and colours relevant to it. For example, Target uses red, while Walmart uses blue and yellow. Industry experts have revamped their logos and complete social media profiles to help people recognize their content right away. 

Choosing a brand colour palette will help you set the aesthetic standard you want to achieve. Instagram is built on visuals and showcasing authentic perspectives can help increase engagement on Instagram. Moreover, deciding on an editing style and following it can help achieve visual consistency. 

Remember that Instagram’s current audience is all about minimalism and a love of aesthetics. You could get Instagram followers or other engagement services to get a good response to your posts.


Deciding on a social media plan should not be the end of your Instagram growth strategy. The platform is dynamic and adapting to it is necessary. We hope the above tips help you increase engagement on Instagram and achieve the goals you want. If you have some additional tips that you would like to share, leave a comment below!