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5 podcasts on self-improvement worth listening to

For someone who is striving for self-improvement and personal development, every minute counts. Those few moments in between our day to day lives should be spent wisely. Like the time you spend preparing breakfast, going to work, walking to the bus and so on. Don’t let them go to waste by listening to helpful podcasts. Here’s a lineup of podcasts to start with:

  1. Pursuit with Purpose – Melyssa Griffin

    Melyssa Griffin’s million-dollar business may have kept the cash rolling but it left her feeling unfulfilled. Hence why she was inspired to start a podcast that features compelling stories from notable entrepreneurs. But it isn’t all business because her guests share valuable life lessons that anyone can learn from.

  2. Bulletproof Radio – Dave Asprey

    Have you ever heard of biohacking? If not, the best place to learn it is Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio podcast. Asprey explains how you can hack into your biology to improve your physical wellbeing and overall health. The best part is that biohacking is backed by science although a few are experimental.

  3. Truth and Dare Movement – Allie and Carly

    This is for the ladies out there who are seeking truth and female empowerment. Hosts Allie and Carly’s Truth and Dare Movement podcast focuses on inspiring feminist topics. This includes female empowerment, how we live our truth and how we dare to change when we need to.

  4. The Good Life Project – Jonathan Fields

    For everyone aspiring to live the good life, Jonathan Fields talks us through living a meaningful life amid the digital age. His guests range from different walks of life and there’s always something to take away.

  5. Tiny Changes, Big Leaps – Gregg Clunis

    Making a lifestyle change can seem daunting at first but not if you start small. Gregg Clunis will help you learn science-backed know-how that you can apply in your life.