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5 essential tips for eco-friendly home living

Purchase High-Quality Furniture

The best way to keep furniture out of the landfill is to make sure that it isn’t disposed off in the first place. High-quality furniture will stand the test of time and can be passed down as family heirlooms. Choose a sturdy piece with a timeless design. Doing so will save your money and is better for the environment in the long haul.

Go Minimal

Consumerist mentality, especially with the advent of online shopping, is one reason behind the planet’s deterioration. Knick knacks and unnecessary decorations only contribute to more waste. If you want to decrease your carbon footprint, keep your home sleek, chic and minimal.

Choose Recycled Materials

Pieces that are repurposed or made from recycled materials are a great option for a greener home. Buying these types of furniture increases the demand for them, and therefore lessens that materials needed to create entirely new pieces. So make sure to ask your furniture provider about it.

Opt for Recyclable Pieces

Sometimes, furniture made from recycled materials isn’t an option. Another way to go is to purchase pieces that can actually be taken apart and recycled. That’s the next best thing as it gets re-purposed and stays out of the landfill.

Research, Research, Research

This sounds absolutely cliche, but knowledge is power. Keep up to date with eco-friendly certifications, organizations, and terms so you know what you’re looking for. Ask questions about a product regarding where materials are sourced and what chemicals are involved in creating them.

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