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4 toxic habits to leave behind in 2019

Next year will mark the beginning of a new decade. It’s the ultimate fresh start that we’ve all been waiting for. But the key to starting off with a clean slate is to leave behind all the baggage and toxic habits we picked up over the past years. There are definitely a number of things that shouldn’t make to 2020. Here are 10 toxic habits to leave behind in 2019.

  1. Treating yourself to feel better.
    Let’s face it, the “Treat Yo’ Self” principle isn’t the most effective way of self-care. While there’s nothing wrong with buying a little something for yourself, turning to purchases every time you feel down is a no-no. The effects of retail therapy don’t hold up for long and it’ll leave your wallet empty. Go for self-care options with long-term effects like working out, eating healthy and practicing mindfulness.
  2. Putting your health aside.
    Too busy to prepare healthy meals? No time for some exercise in the morning? We get you. As professionals, most of our time is used to accomplish work. However, your job isn’t as important as maintaining your health. What happens in the office should stay in the office. Make time for a short workout and make the effort to eat healthily.
  3. Eating out instead of cooking at home. 
    It’s fast and it’s convenient but eating out isn’t something you should be doing on the regular. Cooking at home is best for your budget and for your body. This gives you the option to eat fresh ingredients while being able to save up on cash.
  4. Living large on a small budget.
    You may want other people to think of how successful you are especially with social media around. But luxury purchases and lavish vacations aren’t worth it if you’re not able to build your savings. 2020 is all about delayed gratification so save that money up and invest it in something that will improve your life big time not just for the ‘gram.